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Summer is a time for soaking up the sun, taking much-needed vacation and heading to the water. Whether your favorite destination is a pristine lake or the open ocean, there’s nothing like the feeling of a tuned-up personal water craft (PWC). Find the latest PWC riding gear and accessories for a fun-filled weekend or fast-paced evening on the water.

Helmets and Head Protection

While safety is usually the first priority, many states don’t require you to wear personal water craft helmets. Grabbing a heavy helmet that isn’t designed to get wet is a rookie mistake. However, for thrill-seekers or PWC racers, a helmet is an essential piece of gear. Wth the kind of horsepower that comes with the latest water crafts, water feels like concrete when you wipe out.

Instead, most riders choose a pair of goggles or sunglasses for clear vision and sun protection. A great example is the Bobster Raptor II. Interchangeable eyewear offers the best of both worlds, with complete UVA/UVB protection and anti-fog lenses. Rain or shine, keep your eyes protected and your vision clear.

Comfortable Body Protection

Any diver will attest to the cold, clammy feeling of climbing in and out of the water all day long. If you’re planning a serious PWC race or all-day ride, choose the gear you need to stay warm and keep your head in the game. PWC body protection can range from a simple shirt and shorts to a full wetsuit, depending on how fast you’re going, the weather and other factors.

A wetsuit helps you stay warm and protected from the elements. Don’t choose anything that’s thicker than 2mm, otherwise you’ll restrict your movement too much. Check out the Slippery Breaker John and Jacket combo for a comfortable and practical option. This wetsuit uses flat-stitched seams for a durable and flexible hold, and the two-piece design is a great way to layer for when those cool mornings turn into hot days.

Versatile Boots and Shoes

Boots may not seem like an essential item for your PWC rides, but cruising across a lake in a high-speed race requires foot and ankle protection. Premium PWC boots offer traction, stability, breathability and comfort.

Slippery Liquid Race Boots are a perfect example of hard working footwear for serious riders. From race day to casual rides, these 1.5mm neoprene boots combine a grippy, athletic sole and awesome ventilation and drainage to keep your toes from feeling waterlogged.

PWC shoes use the same excellent features with a pared-down look. You won’t find the same ankle protection, but premium boots keep your feet protected from unexpected slips and scuffs.

Grab Your Gloves

Unless blisters and raw, sun-burnt fingers are your idea of a good time, invest in some PWC riding gloves. Personal water craft gloves can be either short-fingered or full-fingered, but both offer the same basic protection. Serious riders understand how minor inconveniences, like a few blisters, can really affect your race performance.

Try out the JetPilot Full Finger Gloves for ultimate protection. These hardy gloves are packed with high stress zone protection and fully flexible spandex gussets. Dress like a pro and choose gloves that are designed to handle the water, waves and sun.

A Life-Saving Jacket

There’s no such thing as too much safety. Whether you’re in the middle of a high-octane race or bombing around the lake on your own, a life jacket is the most essential gear you can bring along. Even the best swimmers need to wear a life jacket at all times. If you take an unexpected tumble and are knocked unconscious, no amount of swimming expertise can protect you like a life jacket can.

However, safety doesn’t have to mean a bulky, ugly orange jacket. Try out this Fly Racing Nylon Pullover Life Jacket for a durable, comfortable option. You won’t sacrifice your movement, and it’s U.S. Coast Guard approved Type III. Don’t just assume a certain size will fit. Try out your life jacket, or go up a size if you’re buying online. Personal water craft jackets and suits can not only save your life in the event of a bad fall, they’ll also offer UV protection for that unforgiving glare off the water.

Stash Your Gear

There’s nothing worse than smashed gear or waterlogged electronics. It’s essential to choose the right protective cases for your gear. Transporting your PWC accessories to the water, then storing your personal belongings in a safe, watertight storage container is essential for a  stress-free day.

Find essential storage containers and harnesses for everything you need, including

Waterproof phone cases
Dry storage bags
Rain covers
Durable travel bags
PWC straps and harnesses

Always double check which containers are watertight. Some storage boxes are simply designed to keep your valuables intact on the drive to the lake, while others are safe to take out on your PWC. Remember that water-resistant and waterproof aren’t always the same thing. No one wants a water-damaged phone at the end of the day.

Grab Your Gear Today

From the most essential protective gear to the latest in stylish apparel, shop for the best PWC gear and accessories today at BikeBandit.com. If you’re itching to improve your race speeds or looking to stay more comfortable on the water, there’s plenty of gear that can help you get the most out of your personal water craft. Whether you’re an avid PWC racer or just getting started with your first water craft, the latest gear can mean the difference between an uncomfortable ride and race-winning performance.



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