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Nothing is better than leaving your cares behind to tear up some open water. Before you hit the waves, though, you want to be certain you have the right women’s PWC riding gear. While the perfect gear for you depends on a variety of factors, we have some suggestions.

Here are 10 essential pieces every female rider should have:

1. A High-Quality Helmet

For peace of mind on the water, you need one or two female personal water craft helmets. Unfortunately, there are not many helmet manufacturers that create helmets for PWC. As such, you likely have to find a motorcycle helmet that gets the job done. Search for one that is lightweight, comfortable, breathable and UV resistant. Shoei, Scorpion and Fly Racing all make some excellent helmets that work well with personal watercraft.

2. A Spring Suit

Chances are good you do not ride your personal watercraft when temperatures plummet. Still, you may want to get out on the water before summer arrives. With a Slippery Breaker Spring Suit, you have the additional warmth you need to enjoy the water without overdoing it. While this suit is mainly marketed to men, its classic color scheme and available sizing makes it a perfect buy for female riders. If you are looking for basic female water craft jackets and suits, Slippery has you covered there as well. The two-piece Slippery Breaker John and Jacket is both versatile and comfortable.

3. Gloves

You use your hands to control your personal watercraft. Unfortunately, though, water can turn your grip into a slippery mess. Rather than leaving your ride to chance, invest in a pair of female personal water craft gloves. The Slippery Circuit Glove is a good investment. This glove has a hook and loop closure, making putting these gloves on a breeze. It also has anti-slip gel on the palms and fingertips, allowing you to keep full control over your personal watercraft when you are on the high seas. If you prefer exposed fingertips, give JetPilot Short Finger Gloves a look.

4. Body Armor

When you are flying across the surface of the water, you have to think about your personal safety. As you know, your torso has several vital organs. If you take a spill on your personal watercraft, you may sustain a serious injury. Women’s PWC body armor keeps you safe. For ultimate protection, the Icon Women’s Stryker Vest Protector is hard to beat. This piece of protective gear is comfortable to wear. Even better, the strapping system makes this body armor user-friendly. If you plan to wear your Stryker Vest under a life jacket, you may need to buy a larger jacket, however. Regardless, when you suit up with women’s PWC body protection, you take care of yourself.

5. Goggles

If you routinely try to reach top speeds on your personal watercraft, you must consider the health and safety of your eyes. After all, water, breeze and debris can wreak havoc on your vision. Airfoil 9100 Goggles give you the protection you need to get the most out of your adventure. These goggles have convertible lenses, allowing you to switch between darkened lenses, clear lenses and yellow ones. They also come with a strap to help prevent loss. As such, these goggles are an essential piece of women’s PWC riding gear.

6. A Life Jacket

Wearing a life jacket every time you hit the water is a great idea. Not only do life jackets keep you from drowning, but they also meet legal requirements in most places. You are sure to love the Airhead Neolite Camo Life Vest. Available in two colors, this vest has a decidedly cool look. It also dries quickly, allowing you to ward off that soggy feeling you hate. Moreover, the Airhead Neolite vest is a breeze to put on and take off. Because this vest comes in seven sizes, you can choose the perfect fit for you and your riding style.

7. Casual Wear

Representing your personal watercraft’s manufacturer in casual situations gives you instant credibility. If you ride a Yamaha, the Troy Lee Designs Women’s Yamaha RS2 T-shirt is an excellent option. This shirt has the company’s logo emblazoned across the front. If you are a Kawasaki fan, check out the Factory Effex Women’s Kawasaki Racing Long Sleeve Shirt. This shirt has a stylish scoop neckline. Even better, the long sleeves on the Factory Effex shirt help you warm up after a day on the water.

8. A Waterproof Camera Case

You want to remember your trip to the lake, river or ocean. Still, water and your camera probably don’t mix well. To keep your camera dry, you need a waterproof case. If you have a Drift Ghost 4K, the company’s case does an excellent job of protecting your electronic equipment from water damage. Just be careful with deep water, as this case is only waterproof up to 131 feet. Nonetheless, you are likely to love how easy it is to get your camera into and out of the Drift Ghost 4K waterproof case.

9. Towable Toys

Part of the fun of owning a personal watercraft is towing your friends behind you on an inflatable toy. While there are hundreds of towable toys on the market today, some are better suited for personal watercraft than others. The Airhead Riptide 3 is unbelievably fun. This inflatable has three seats. It also features a quick-connect port to get you and your pals on the water as quickly as possible. Before you invest in this towable, though, be sure your watercraft has enough horses to pull it.

10. A Lock

There is a good chance you don’t want to spend all day cruising around on your personal watercraft. If you decide to leave your craft at the dock, you want to be sure someone won’t sail off with it. Something as simple as the Trimax Trimaflex Coiled Cable with Combination Lock helps prevent theft.

With women’s PWC riding gear, you have exactly what you need to dominate on the water. Rather than missing out on an epic adventure, choose the best women’s PWC gear and order it today.



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