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You’ve got to figure that any race, around any lake, is going to be fun. How much fun? Well, no less than moto-industry icon Travis Pastrana has labeled it as, “One of the funnest races I’ve done”. That’s some endorsement coming from a rider of Travis Pastrana’s varied interests and talents. Is he full of it? Let’s take a look for ourselves.




Unlike Pastrana’s Nitro-Circus like atmosphere of complete mayhem, the ‘Race Around the Lake’ course actually does take place on the shores of a Lake.


Imagine a Race Around The Lake, somewhere near you. This is what it might look like. The So Cal classic event is held in late October each year, and runs around the Castaic Lake Parks and Recreation shore line. Awesome event!


Castaic Lake to be exact. Located in the scenic underbelly of Southern California. The race is held each year in the city of Castaic, California, which is in Northern Los Angles County. That puts it about 45 miles north of downtown LA. Just a nuclear explosion away!

The course itself, meanders through wooded sections, an old GP course, a bit of MX, through some cement paths located in the park, and alongside a beautiful lake. Racetrack heaven. Organizers worked hard to make sure the track was both dirt bike, ATV, and Side X Side friendly. They did their homework and the course was an exhilarating combination of fast, frenetic fun. Pastrana would have approved.



Traction through the sand sections at the ‘Race Around The Lake’, in Castaic, California was superb. Ample proof.




First of all, the start funneled all the riders into a series of quick turns through the woods, followed by some racing down bike lane paths through the park grounds. Then onwards to a former GP course that rolled through some nearby hills and trails.


Three solid days of racing fun had classes for ATVs, dirt bikes, and SxS’s at ‘Race Around The Lake’. Woods sections, concrete paths, Moto-X course, a GP track, and the shores of Lake Castaic all were used to offer racers a lot of different traction situations.


From there, the track ran into a Super-Cross style series of jumps and bumps. More GP style stuff followed, until it meandered its way back to the lake shore. Once there, you got the thrill of pegging it full throttle through a series of tight lake-side sand washes. Then back into the woods, to circle round and come back for another lap of frezied fun. Ya-hoo!


Running on the shores of Lake Castaic was a blast for all the competitors. There were also Team Races for most of the events. As Travis Pastrana says, “One of the funnest races I’ve done…”.


On average, the races ran for a good 45 minutes each, which made for around 4-5 laps on the 2.5 mile track. They have classes for almost anything that rolls on dirt, including ATVs, dirt bikes and UTVs.

There was even a UTV celebrity race, pairing a few celebs with anxious off-road magazine guys. The standout celeb going in was Caitlyn Jenner, who showed up in an off-road buggy to do battle. You could hear the crowd buzzing, “Isn’t that Caitlyn Jenner?” It was.


A special celebrity race was won by Gladiator Tires sponsored Burt Jenner (son of Caitlyn Jenner) in his RZR 1000. Burt won the event, after blazing his way to the front of the pack. Thus giving his passenger, Jarad Cox, some great stories to tell his buds (Caitlyn DNF’ed).


Also on hand was her son, Burt Jenner, who happened to race Saturdays team event. Burt was on the gas, and after a bad start was soon picking off competitors. He worked his way into the lead and took the Celeb win aboard his Polaris RZR 2-seater. This was a relief for me, as my son, Jarad, had offered to ride shotgun with Burt in the event.

When asked why he picked my son to ride with him Burt logically explained…“Because he’s so light”. Sounded reasonable to me. Regardless, Jarad will always have some harrowing tales of racing action to relate to his grand kids!


Burt Jenner says he chose Jarad (my son) to race with him for one important reason. “He’s light,” Jarad didn’t seem to mind. Just saying.





For a solid three days of moto racing fun, the ‘Race Around The Lake’ was indeed a great time. It did not matter if you were riding a dirt bike, an ATV or piloting a Side X Side, you had the same amount of fun that everyone else had. We’re hooked and plan on going back out for next years event which falls around late October.




Castaic Lake is located near Castaic, which is north of the city of Santa Clarita. It is on land owned by the state and is one of their Department of Parks and Recreation parks, located right on the lake. Camping permits are also available.

Anyone interested in next years event should contact the promoter, Shane Trittler, at: [email protected]




Beginner ATV…………………Collin Duffy
Novice ATV……………………Travis Work
Intermediate ATV………..Scott Melville
Expert ATV………………Roy Bloodworth
Veteran ATV…………………Cain Smead
Saturday Celebrity Race…..Burt Jenner-driver/Jarad Cox-passenger
Open UTV…………………..Phillip Martin
Class 1 UTV, 850cc………Tyson Leeper
Class 2 UTV, 900cc……….Cain Smead
Class 3 UTV, 1000cc……Phillip Martin



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