Talk To Riders Around The World – While On Your Bike? Sena’s New RideConnected App

Bluetooth communicators, which let you talk to anyone in your group while riding, are a big step forward in technology – but what about being able to talk to anyone in the WORLD? That’s what Sena has accomplished with their new app, which allows you to talk anyone on the planet with nothing more than a Bluetooth headset and an internet connection. See it here first!


Sena is one of the industry leaders in communication devices, with cutting edge devices that many consider to be the gold standard in the industry. With the recent launch of their new RideConnected app, they are now taking things to the next level.


In an age where its easier to stay connected than ever before, there are unfortunately still gaps in communication for motorcycles riders using existing Bluetooth technology – but Sena, one of the industry leaders in communication systems, has just fixed the biggest one with the introduction of their new mobile app, RideConnected.

Here’s the existing problem. While Bluetooth communication systems are extremely convenient to use when it comes to pairing directly to mobile phones, they are a little more challenging to use in direct system-to-system communication, because of the limited range these devices have with each other.

Talking to a passenger, for example, works great with a pair of Bluetooth communicators paired to each other. But in a situation where a group is constantly in motion, with distances varying between them (a group of motorcycle riders being a perfect example) it can be a struggle for everyone to remain linked into the group, due to the inherent range limitations that communication devices have. Sure, if they drop out of range by getting stuck at a light or something, you can always give them a call on the phone instead – but it’s an added hassle, and getting them back on the Bluetooth network again when they catch up can sometimes be a pain.

That’s why Sena’s engineers decided there had to be a better way. Instead of linking them primarily on a Bluetooth network, which has limited range and is more easily broken, why not link them instead on a wireless cell phone network – which has virtually no range limitations – and use Bluetooth to pair their communication devices to the phones, instead of directly to each other? That’s how the RideConnected app was born, and it’s truly a brilliant solution.


This is a look at Sena’s new RideConnected app, which links your Sena Bluetooth device to riders anywhere in the world in real time by using wireless networks like LTE or Wi-Fi. With this app, range limitations of Bluetooth are a thing of the past.


Here’s how it works. The RideConnected app uses wireless phones to tap into the global cell phone network, making it possible for users to communicate with anyone, anywhere in the world, while using the app. This eliminates range limitations completely – you can communicate with a rider in Italy during your ride just as easily as you can with the rider right behind you! Using your wireless data network, you can connect with up to 16 riders anywhere in the world, as long as they have a Sena communication device, the app, and cell phone service.

That begs a question, however – what if you don’t have cell phone service, like on a twisty mountain back road, or while exploring off road? Don’t forget, you can always still pair devices to each other using the existing Bluetooth capabilities – the range limitations of Bluetooth will kick back in, of course, but you will still be able to remain connected even where cell phone service doesn’t extend.

The app itself is simple to use – all you do is set up your own profile on the app, and then you can either create your own communication groups, or join in on existing groups in your area that the app recommends. The app is a free download, and available for both iOS and Android, so virtually anyone on any domestic network can try it out, and it works on ALL Sena headsets (as long as they have the latest firmware update installed.)

In the app, you can set up a communication network of riders in your actual riding group – or get adventurous and talk to riders anywhere the world. As long as they have a Sena Bluetooth unit, the app, and a mobile phone they can talk to you in real time!

We think this is an awesome communication solution that will become extremely handy wherever riders want to communicate with each other when they are out of standard Bluetooth range. Not only will you be able to stay connected on a ride to the one guy who got caught at the last stoplight without re-pairing – you can stay connected to everyone on the ride from the moment everyone leaves their houses, and even to people who couldn’t make it to the ride at all!

While we suspect that most users may not end up chatting with people around the world while riding, and using wireless data to communicate could get expensive depending on what your mobile data plan looks like. However, we think the practical uses of staying connected to a group using a wireless mobile network instead of Bluetooth will take a lot of the hassle of using communication systems out of the equation, and will make for a better user experience overall.

What do you think of the new RideConnected app, and how could you see yourself using it?



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