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All ATV riders understand the importance of high-quality tires. After all, your rig is only as good as its shoes. If you are riding with stock, old, damaged or ineffective tires, your vehicle may not be giving you the dynamic performance you expect. The best sport ATV tires help you take your ride to the next level.

Sport ATVs are some of the most versatile vehicles on the track or trail. These machines are typically smaller than their full-utility cousins. Their smaller size allows sport ATVs to reach speeds of up to 80 miles per hour. Moreover, because most of these vehicles come with a manual transmission, you decide exactly how to approach trail or off-road obstacles. If you install the wrong set of tires, though, your ATV’s performance may suffer.

Which tires are right for your four wheeler depends on where and how you ride. The best four wheeler tires often fall into the following categories:

All purpose tires for general riding on a variety of surfaces

Mud tires for high-grip riding on sloppy surfaces

Sand tires for even riding on shifty surfaces

Off-road tires for reliable riding on unmapped surfaces

Motocross tires for fast riding on track surfaces

To help you understand the advantages and drawbacks of each type of ATV tire, you should consider the best tires in each category. Here are the top ATV tires on the market today:

1. All Purpose: Maxxis All Trak Tires

The Maxxis All Trak tire features a multi-directional tread design. This design allows you to move forward or backward without worrying about getting stuck. While this tire is not specifically for mud, sand or swamp riding, the general design provides you enough grip to regularly tackle these types of riding conditions. Further, the side knobs on Maxxis All Trak tires helps to prevent slides. While these tires are not cheap, they are an excellent choice for all purpose rides.

2. All Purpose: Kenda Klaw XC Tires

If you prefer to ride on a track, Kenda Klaw XC tires are effective all around tires. These tires feature a 6-ply design that helps you excel on the track or trail. If you want to hit the motocross course without outfitting your rig with specialty tires, Kenda Klaw XC tires are worth a look. Be careful, though, as these tires do not corner quite as well as other all purpose tires.

3. Mud Tires: Interco Swamp Lite Tires

You have probably heard ATV riders debate swamp lite vs mud lite tires. Interco Swamp Lite tires regularly appear near the top of any list of the best mud tires for good reason. These tires give you ultimate grip, whether you ride in slop, mud or snow. Moreover, the 6-ply design of Interco Swamp Lite tires allows you to ride on regular surfaces without putting up with excessive track or trail noise. These tires may wear out quickly, though, so you should plan to replace them regularly.

4. Mud Tires: ITP Mudlite Tires

While you may routinely ride in muddy terrain, you may not want full-throttled mud tires beneath your rig. ITP Mud Lite tires are the perfect compromise. Some of the lightest ATV mud tires on the market today, these shoes give you decent mud performance without sacrificing your overall ride quality. If you mostly ride in deep mud, though, these tires probably won’t give you the grip you expect.

5. Sand Tires: Kenda Sand Gecko Tires

Most sand tires are highly specialized. Kenda Sand Gecko tires are no exception. These tires have broad paddles to get you out of sticky situations. They are both aggressive and meaty, giving you the sand performance you expect from high-performance tires. If you live by the “leave no trace,” motto, though, these tires may disappoint you. That is, you can expect Sand Gecko tires to dig holes when propelling your four wheeler forward.

6. Sand Tires: ITP Sand Star Rear Paddle Tires

ITP Sand Star tires are perhaps the best tires for most sandy conditions. These tires have broad paddles that grip loose surfaces. They also look mean, giving your rig the profile you want. While you can probably rely on ITP Sand Star tires to keep you moving, you may have some trouble in deep sand. Still, for most dune rides, ITP Sand Star atv trail tires meet your expectations.

7. Off-Road Tires: STI Black Diamond Tires

Even if you usually ride on a track or trail, you may eventually want to take your ATV off-road. STI Black Diamond tires are some of the best ATV tires for trail riding. These tires have the grip you need to get over virtually any off-road obstacle. Even better, the V-tread pattern whisks trail debris away from your machine. Because these tires are affordable, you can use your savings on other aftermarket upgrades for your rig.

8. Off-Road Tires: ITP Holeshot XCT Tires

When you go off-road, you need your ATV to respond to your commands. ITP Holeshot XCT tires give you the control you want. These tires have a modern tread design that effectively grips most riding surfaces. Even though the tread is deep, you do not have to worry about sway. These tires are not cheap, though, so prepare yourself for some sticker shock.

9. Motocross Tires: Artrax MXT Tires

If you ride motocross, you don’t want to finish at the end of the pack. Artrax MXT tires help you balance speed and control. These tires feature heavy-duty construction that helps absorb shock after track jumps. They also have a smart tread design that corners well on dirt tracks. If your machine has a powerful engine, though, the 2-ply design may wear out faster than you would like.

10. Motocross Tires: Maxxis RAZR 4 Tires

Squirm can be a problem on the motocross track. If your rig wanders, you probably cannot win the race. Maxxis RAZR 4 tires help keep squirm in check. With deep treads and solid construction, these tires tend to dominate on the motocross track.

These are some of the best sport ATV tires on the market today. This list is far from complete, however. That is, you may find the tires that are right for you didn’t make this list. That’s ok. Once you understand ATV tires, you can find the best set for your four wheeler and order some new shoes today.



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