BikeBandit Guest Blogger Spotlight: Ted Edwards

It wasn’t long ago that we put out an open call for guest bloggers to help create unique content for our readers to enjoy. To my surprise we got an overwhelming response from people that wanted to share their experiences with the rest of the community. A few have submitted a single story that left an impression on readers but we’ve also had a few that submitted stories that sparked something inside them to keep pounding the keys. One of these contributors is Ted Edwards.

When I read his first story, “The Observer Effect,” I knew we had a writer that was truly passionate about what he was doing. What made it even better was that we readers could tell that he enjoyed this with a very close knit group of riders, which included both his father and his son. We could also tell that our readers were really receptive to his stories from the amount of comments that were being left as well. With that kind of reception, it wasn’t long before Ted wanted to share even more of his 2-wheel adventures with “When Going Wrong, Goes Right” Right out of the gate this was another hit with our readers.

Guest Blogger Spotlight - Ted Edwards
Say hello to the Mild Hogs.

Knowing that we had two hit stories, I wanted to follow up with the Honda VFR fanatic out of Wenatchee, WA to see who the man behind the helmet was. His passion for riding motorcycles started around the time when he was 9 years old on an old Honda Trail 90. He questions whether or not he was even that old when he first threw a leg over a motorcycle. “Ever since that day, I’ve been hooked and it’s something I love to do.” If you live in the Pacific Northwest and hear the sound of a Honda VFR, it might just be Ted out with riding group the Mild Hogs. He’s been chronicling their misadventures and is even the current VP of its offshoot, the Wild Rose Squad.

Guest Blogger Spotlight - Ted Edwards
Ahh… The Honda VFR. It’s V-4 engine make a great exhaust tone that Ted loves to hear when he’s able to crack the throttles open and let the motorcycle stretch its legs.

If you’ve not figured it out, he has a fond love for his Honda VFR and the distinctive sound of its V-4 exhaust notes when he’s given the opportunity to twist the throttle and let it stretch its legs. It’s obvious he’s a motorcycle nut, but what does he do when the roads are covered or it’s too cold to get out and ride? Is it possible for it to be too cold?

He’ll be the first to admit that even with his heated gear that it can get too cold to be flying out on the open road so he takes up skiing during the winter months. He’s actually a ski patroller at one of his local ski resorts, which has its benefits when he’s out on the highway during the warmer months. “In my experience as a ski patroller, I’ve seen and had to tend to many various injuries. This is good because in the event that something happens out on the highway, I’ve been exposed to the trauma side of things and am capable of handling some medical emergencies if the situation ever arises.” His other interest include going to the gym, hiking, camping, spending time with his family, which includes his chocolate lab, writing and even wrenching on his ’66 convertible Mustang.

Guest Blogger Spotlight - Ted Edwards
Ted snapped this pic of the Lima Mountains on his way to KLIM HQ for a tour of the facilities as he was road testing some of their new Latitude gear for us here at BikeBandit.

I personally am a fan of his stories. He gives great detail, but does it in a way that is very entertaining and makes me feel that I’m missing out by being behind a desk and not out on the open road. I was really curious as to whether or not he has a favorite riding trip that trumps all the others. “Honestly the best trip is one that I just returned from. I was given the opportunity to review a set of Klim Latitude pants and jacket, which snowballed into a 4-day motorcycle trip where I rode out to Klim HQ in Rigby, ID, was given a tour of the facility and got to spend time with Dustin Pancheri their Brand Training Manager. I rode some of the most beautiful roads in the west, camped in freezing conditions, saw how some of the best gear ever gets tested and got an amazing set of gear for all of my future endeavors. Sure the free gear is great, but overall the experience is the best thing about it. Honestly as long as I’m on the road exploring, I am in my element. I just hope to get the opportunity to travel in other countries sometime.”

Guest Blogger Spotlight - Ted Edwards
While he appears like Top Gears silent test driver The Stig, he’s far more approachable and is always willing to talk shop.

One of my final questions to Ted was, “What is your dream bike?” I could have guessed his answer but he elaborated. “My dream motorcycle would be my 5 Gen Honda VFR bumped up to 1000cc with about 30 more HP and 20 more ft lbs of torque, built in beverage cooler and a trailer hitch so I can pull my personal taco truck behind me on trips. Are you listening Honda? I know you can make this happen!” We also know that he’s a beer connoisseur, so we’re guessing that taco cart might have a kegerator for those overnight stops.

What it comes down to is that Ted is an average ordinary guy that like you or me that shares our passion for riding motorcycles. He even recounted a recent experience where he was recognized by someone who had read one of his pieces we posted to our site.

“So, I just went to lunch with our team. While I was handing my plate to the fry cook at our Mongolian grill, he paused, looked at me and said, “Hey, are you Ted Edwards?”
“Yeah,” I replied puzzled.
“You write for Bike Bandit, right? I just read your article about going to Canada and having your bikes break down the whole time.”
Stunned silence on my part.
We then chatted about the other stories, his upcoming bike purchase and he asked me for some gear recommendations, to which I could give him plenty, but I kept it short so I could keep the line moving. And I was hungry.”

He’s approachable and willing to talk about all things riding related…. Even when he’s hungry. He’s also made it clear that if you leave a comment after one of his stories, he will personally respond because if you’ve taken the time to write, he’ll do the same in return. This is especially helpful when his gear reviews start to get posted.

Do you want to be a guest blogger like Ted? We can’t guarantee any kind of celebrity status, but we can assure you that you’ll have a great audience that loves to do what you do. You can also get the opportunity to test and KEEP some great gear when we have it available to test. Send an email to [email protected] and put GUEST BLOGGER in the subject line and we’ll follow up with you on how to get you on your path to stardom.