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There is nothing like a good pair of boots to start your ride day off right. Conversely, I have spent many days of riding having to listen to partners complain about aching feet from poor footwear choices. TCX may not be as well known to us as other brands, but they build a wide range of high quality motorcycle boots.

TCX Comp Evo 2

For the past few months I have been testing TCX’s top of the line Comp Evo 2 moto boot. I am right in the heart of my ride season. I have been able to log 2,300 Baja miles on the new boots. Here are my findings.

To be candid, the TCX construction is basically a mix of all the best ideas from Sidi, Alpinestars, Gaerne. The addition of the Michelin sole takes the Comp Evo one step beyond. Stepping into the boot reveals a number of familiar features. The well-padded ankle area hints to the comfort level. The tall toe box offers plenty of room for the feet. The buckles and upper dual Velcro liner mimic the Sidi Crossfire. The liner seals well around the leg.

Dual Flex Control (DFC) 

There are large (if slightly bulky) shin and calf protectors. The Dual Flex Control is TCX’s proprietary design that allows the ankle to pivot freely, but limits the total amount of movement to prevent hyperextension. On the inside calf there is a large heat resistant gripper surface. The buckles are aluminum for durability. At first glance the Michelin molded sole looks hard and plastic like. But don’t let that fool you; this is a well-designed concept.

Michelin Sole

The Comp Evo definitely has a break in period. They may seem overly stiff in the showroom. But with just a little ride time they loosen up. This includes the sole that starts out board stiff, but with time becomes slightly pliable.

The overwhelming initial impression is the comfort level. The Comp Evo ankle padding feels luxurious. It holds the foot in place and surrounds it with padding. The stiff sole initially transferred almost no feel from the pegs, but was super comfortable while standing for long periods. It has softened now to a level most riders will like. Frankly, I got used to the hard feel and came to like it. No “hot spot” feel from the peg. But again, with break in, the feel is something I think most riders will appreciate.

Rockstar Husqvarna Team Rider Mitchell Harrison

The Michelin sole seems like a contradiction. The red insole appears rigid and smooth, yet it grips the pegs perfectly. One of my bikes has the tall Fastway cleats and they actually grip the Michelin sole too well, not releasing easy enough for my preference. Yet none of the pegs have chewed into the material. Looking somewhat like a modern car tire pattern, the Michelin sole performs well. It is also replaceable.  I am sold on it.

For the many riders who have tried the Sidi Cross Fire, but struggled with the narrow toe area, this is going to be the boot for you. It is everything the Sidi is, but roomier. For me, my smallish foot gets along fine in the Cross Fire and I struggle just a bit with the extra bulk of the TCX boot.

The calf has a two position adjustment intended to accommodate larger legs. In the narrow position, the plastic bits under the straps just barely overlap for me. I figure I have average size legs, definitely not large. The calf adjustment range is 10mm. As with many boots, large leg riders are going to struggle. There is plenty of adjustment in the straps, but the plastic will not overlap as intended.

Little Dirty But Performing Like New

My boots take plenty of abuse. My favorite thing is to bushwack around looking for new routes in Baja. That includes walking to scout trails. So far everything on the Comp Evo is holding up well. The white color cleans up reasonably well. With a brush and some degreaser they come nearly clean.

Sizing runs true to what you would expect from most moto boots, go up one size from your regular shoe. I wear a 9 ½ shoe, so I got a 10 ½ boot.  

The bottom line for me is that the TCX Comp Evo 2 has become my preferred trail boot. The comfort and performance are awesome. The interior feel and sole suit me perfect. I am still getting used to the slightly bulky feel.

Wear After 2,300 Miles Use

Constructing a premium moto boot means not cutting corners. They are a big investment. When you use the boots as much as I do, they pay off in performance and longevity. It is nice to start the day in a comfortable pair of boots, but is even better to feel the same after a long day of riding. So if you are in the market for a new boot, give some consideration to the TCX line.

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