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There’s few things as awesome as a personalized BMW motorcycle. We all have our favorite make and model bike, but the BMW F 700 GS is a truly innovative machine. From unmarked trails to distant highways across the country, take your bike to the next level with the best BMW F 700 GS aftermarket mods and OEM parts. While we all have our essential gear in mind, here are 10 parts that are worth checking out to up your game and enjoy your ride even more.

Air Filters

When was the last time you checked your air filter? Just like your car, your bike needs regular cleaning and replacement of your air filter. Otherwise, your carburetor won’t receive enough air to be truly efficient.

While we all love most BMW F 700 GS OEM parts, check out this aftermarket K&N High Flow Air Filter for improved filtration and reusable convenience. Give it some gas and let that engine sing.

High Performance Batteries

A replacement battery may not seem like the most luxurious upgrade, but you’ll be glad you did it if you’re stranded on the highway with a dead battery. Save yourself the call to a towing service and upgrade to a lithium ion high performance battery. Be sure your new battery the right fit for your bike, but don’t be afraid to choose an aftermarket option.

Brake Pads

Another wear-and-tear component on bikes is brake pads. Ripping around curves and flying up to stop lights can cause your brake pads to wear down far faster than more timid riders’ brake pads. Do yourself a favor and invest in EBC brakes for your BMW.

Brake pads aren’t just a luxury add on. One of the biggest safety measures you can take is to keep up with your brake pad replacement. Worn-out pads increased your stop time, which can be the difference between a narrow miss or a head-on collision. Just because you’re wearing your favorite helmet doesn’t mean you have to try it out anytime soon.


Bumpy roads got you feeling like calling it a day? You’ve invested in a well-rounded, beautifully designed BMW bike, so don’t let a few bumps and potholes keep you from enjoying a fun-filled weekend of cruising. While the OEM BMW F 700 GS suspension is nothing to laugh at, we prefer an aftermarket upgrade, like the Progressive Suspension 435 Series.

While it’s a bit above the DIY skills of most riders, replacing your suspension can have a huge impact on the comfort of your ride. You’ll also have better bottoming control and stability, which is never a bad thing. Replacing your worn-out suspension is the first step, but make sure you or your local mechanic dials in your new suspension for maximum performance. Your weight is a huge factor in the comfort of your suspension. Adjust yours for a more personalized, comfortable ride.


Hang on to your bike better with comfortable, textured aftermarket grips. Pro Taper MX Pillow Top Grips come in several colors and are unbelievably soft. The gel-like surface is soft and grippy, so you’ll have less chance of losing control with sweaty hands on hairpin turns. Whether your OEM grips are shot or simply not comfortable enough for demanding rides, there’s always an excuse to check out new and improved grips for your BMW.


From routine rides to unexpected collisions, your fenders can take a beating. Shop for replacement BMW F 700 GS fenders to restore the look of your bike. Whether worn, scraped or cracked, you’d be surprised how a new set of fenders can give your bike a complete makeover.

Oil Filters

Another upgrade for performance rather than style is a new oil filter. Oil filters come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so be sure to pick the right one for your ride. One of our favorite filter brands is Hiflofiltro Oil Filters. These versatile filters are just as effective in your cruiser, motocross bike or even snowmobile. These filters can handle pressure. A replacement oil filter can help keep your oil clean and running efficiently.


When it comes to tires, check out Shinko 705 Motorcycle Tires. After long days and nights of burning rubber, our BMW F 700 GS tires are ready to be retired. Don’t wait until your worn-out tires become dangerous. Five years of hard riding is usually all you can expect from your tires. Even if you’re an infrequent rider, 10 years is the most you should ask of your tires.

There are more obvious signs, like balding, punctures or frequent loss of air pressure. When in doubt, ask your local mechanic to check them out and order some new ones.


Now that your BMW has all the OEM and aftermarket parts it needs to go forth, upgrade your personal wear to look the part and feel comfortable while you ride. A good pair of riding gloves changes everything. Shop around for a pair that matches your jacket and motorcycle and keep those fingers protected.

We’re fans of Icon Super Duty 2, but choose your gloves based on warmth, breathability, durability and padding.


If you’re like us, you’ve already got a killer leather jacket and rockin’ helmet for long-haul road trips. However, it’s easy to forget a matching pair of riding pants. A good pair of street pants can not only keep you protected if you take a tumble and kiss the asphalt, they’ll also keep you warm when it storms. Pants can range dramatically in terms of flexibility, warmth, and protection, so choose the pair that matches your riding style and jacket.

Hit the Road

Now that you’ve checked out all the latest OEM and aftermarket BMW F 700 GS accessories, it’s time to prepare for your next road trip. Whether your BMW is a commuter or a reserved for the ultimate road trip, check out the best parts for your BMW F 700 GS today. Grab a few essential upgrades and prepare to hit the open road. Who ever thought a BMW bike could be this cool?



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