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One of the most iconic bikes has to the the BMW GS. The styling is recognizable from anywhere, and it’s got one of the strongest cult followings of any motorcycle variety. If you happen to be a proud owner of a BMW F 800 GS, then we wager that you are, indeed, actually very proud of that ownership badge and you probably have more miles in that saddle than you care to count.

But even the best bikes may need some repairs or upgrading. Maybe your ride needs a little bit of repair… or maybe you’re just going after a cool new look. If you’re looking for the best BMW F 800 GS aftermarket mods, we’ve compiled a list of our top 10 picks for your reading (and riding) pleasure.

1. Puig Rear Huggers/Mudguards

One of the best additions you can make to a bike like the BMW F 800 GS is to get extra mud guards, because you know that you’re going to get down and dirty on your bike. While this is no doubt an enjoyable pastime, it’s also important to keep the dirt where it belongs (on the ground and the rubber bits of your bike) and out of where it does (on you). These Puig Rear Huggers/Mudguards are a fantastic addition to your BMW F 800 GS fenders.

2. Moose Racing Expedition Aluminum Side Case Mounts

One of the things that the BMW F 800 GS does well is sport touring. And if you’re going touring, you’re definitely going to need to have a way to bring your gear with you, unless you like wearing the same shirt for days on end (not recommended). That’s where obtaining some luggage racks comes into play, and nothing looks better on a BMW F 800 GS than hard side mounts. The Moose Racing Expedition Aluminum Side Case Mounts do a great job as a base for your favorite cases.

3. Puig Touring Windscreen

One of the more popular BMW F 800 GS accessories is definitely a windscreen, as they help so much with touring and, in many ways, complement the BMW F 800 GS’s iconic looks. This Puig Touring Windscreen has a big enough screen to block buffeting winds, and it comes at a very attractive price point, as well. It’ll help keep you comfortable in the saddle for longer, which is very important if you like to tour.

4. Z1R Smooth Large EZ Glide I Backrest

If you’re looking to get beyond BMW F 800 GS OEM parts and into true comfortable customization, you can’t get too much of an improvement on a backrest. Again, the BMW F 800 GS basically begs to be taken on tour, and anything that can keep you in the saddle for longer is going to help make your journeys even more effortless. The Z1R Smooth Large EZ Glide I Backrest is a fantastic, affordable choice.

5. Dunlop Sportmax Q3+ Tire

It’s important to make sure that everything is in good shape when the rubber meets the road, and that means paying attention to your BMW F 800 GS tires. If your GS gets as much action as most do, you’ll definitely need to be replacing the tires at some point, and the Dunlop Sportmax Q3+ Tire is a great choice. These offer incredible grip, and have the added bonus of being designed and made in the USA.

6. Progressive Suspension 465 Series Shock

The BMW F 800 GS is famous for its smooth ride, but in order to keep that ride smooth you have to make sure that the suspension stays in good condition on your bike. The Progressive Suspension 465 Series Shock is a great choice for your BMW F 800 GS suspension. These affordable and well-made shocks come with a 1 year warranty and are optimized for use with the BMW F 800 GS.

7. BikeMaster Round Stainless Mirror 10″ Stem

We love the look of round mirrors with the BMW F 800 GS, and we have to admit that we love the price of these even more. Whether you’re in the market for a replacement just because you want a great new look for your BMW F 800 GS or if you’re in recovery from a spill (oops), the BikeMaster Round Stainless Mirror 10” Stem is a great option. These provide great field of vision as well as a streamlined, vintage-esque look.

8. Pro Taper MX Pillow Top Grips

If you’re looking for an easy way to make your BMW F 800 GS even more comfortable with little effort, then you definitely need to check out the Pro Taper MX Pillow Top Grips. These grips are especially good for the BMW F 800 GS because they reduce the amount of vibration that you can feel through the handles to virtually nothing. BMW makes smooth machines to begin with, but these just add the last little detail to make your ride exquisite.

9. IMS Adventure Footpegs

Particularly if your adventures are going to take you to rocky terrain, it’s time to consider your footpegs. Having footpegs like the IMS Adventure Footpegs can help you keep a steady foot on your bike in even the wettest and slipperiest conditions. They also help you improve your handling when you’re taking those corners quickly (and you definitely are if you’re riding a BMW GS).

10. SW-Motech Kobra Handguards

Heavy-duty traveling often requires heavy-duty hand protection. For those of you who are ultimate road warriors, you may want to consider the SW-Motech Kobra Handguards. These handguards are oversized for maximum wind and weather protection: with these firmly attached to your BMW F 800 GS, you’ll never dread driving in the rain again. No matter how hard it pours, your hands stay protected, dry, and secure on the handlebars. Nothing is better for ensuring that you maintain maximum control of your bike.

Those who know the BMW F 800 GS love it dearly. And there are tons of ways to ensure that you fall in love with your ride and over and over again with the right aftermarket customization options. Make sure that you take the time to research and invest in the best parts for your BMW F 800 GS.



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