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If it was possible for a motorcycle to be a superhero, your BMW HP4 Race would be one. Comparing your machine’s speed, braking, and handling to a street bike is like comparing a superhuman to a normal person. It has no peers because it didn’t have to pass race standards or be street legal. Ultimately, the hardest thing about choosing performance parts for BMW HP4 Race is finding mods that can improve on the original.

Despite this, there is always room for improvement when it comes to any bike. Focusing on the accessories that increase comfort and control can keep you on your machine longer, giving you the time to enjoy each day on the track.

1. Vortex V2 Adjustable Rear Sets

One of the few gripes on your track monster is the arrangement of the rear sets. Like most matters of comfort, it really comes down to personal preference. If you’re average height and build, you might be just fine. If you’re short, tall, or have atypical proportions, you could have issues settling in. Vortex V2 adjustable rear sets are among the best BMW HP4 Race aftermarket parts because they can move forward, back, up, and down. They’re made in the USA from billet aluminum to save weight while providing the right amount of strength.

2. Kuryakyn ISO Footpegs

While the Vortex V2 adjustable rear sets come with their own footpegs, you might prefer to swap them out for something a little more stylish. Quality footpegs contribute to the feel and handling of your machine. When you’re burning around a corner with your knee fractions of an inch off the ground, your foot slipping off could be a matter of life and death. Kuryakyn ISO footpegs look aggressive and dampen vibration from your motorcycle.

3. Driven Carbon SBK Handlebar

SBK handlebars might seem like blasphemy on a track motorcycle, but the look and feel of clip ons aren’t for everybody. This could be one of the best BMW HP4 Race mods if the two-piece design of the OEM controls rubs you the wrong way. Wrapped in carbon fiber, the aluminum handlebar makes for a lightweight model that’s strong and resilient. The diameter allows you to use most aftermarket grips and controls that can fit 7/8″ bars.

4. Roland Sands Design 1″ Clip On Handlebars

If clip ons are your jam but the OEM models aren’t, pick up a pair from a legendary aftermarket brand. These controls are CNC machined from billet aluminum for high-quality strength without adding significantly to the weight of your machine. Adjustable to any height between the top and bottom triple clamps, they also adjust to your preferred pullback. The fixed five-degree down angle provides the optimal position for both handling and a comfortable riding position. They’re also made in the USA.

5. Roland Sands Design Risers

If you decide to go with a one-piece handlebar, you might as well get into an easier riding position. Risers don’t really restrict your ability to get low over your bike, but they do let you sit up a little when your back needs a break. These aluminum risers have three height options available to you so you can decide exactly how you want to ride.

6. Driven D-Axis Grips

Grips need to give you complete control over your BMW HP4 Race while minimizing the felt vibration from your pulsing engine. Driven’s proprietary two-ply Krayton gel grip design has the space and material to dampen the vibration of your handlebars. The gripping surface itself is created with high-density cross-hatching to maximize the contact area between your hand and the grip. Available with a black grip and five accent colors, they’re made in the USA with anodized collars for a longer lifespan.

7. Metzeler Racetec RR K2 Motorcycle Tires

In order to really open up your BMW HP4 Race, you need tires that can take your machine’s power. The Metzeler Racetec RR K2 tires have a high speed rating and provide consistency across the board. The specially formulated racing matrix maximizes your grip while adapting to the micro-textures of different tarmacs. It’s stiffness also gives reliable performance across the tire’s lifespan. Because Metzeler understands that materials change with extreme heat, the Racetec RR K2s are designed to grip dependably in all conditions.

8. K&N Race Spec High Flow Air Filters

When it comes time to replace your air filter, if you’re choosing an aftermarket model it had better be a top-quality one. K&N makes some of the best BMW HP4 Race accessories because they’re a premium brand of aftermarket parts. The Race Spec High Flow air filter is made with fewer pleats to maximize air flow to your machine. Created for closed-course tracks, the two-ply cotton filter still provides adequate protection from aerial debris. If you’re not used to high-performance air filters, expect to see some changes in your fuel management.

9. Hiflofiltro Oil Filter Racing

When you’re riding twice the speed allowed on most highways, even your most basic parts need to be top notch. Oil filtering needs to be fast and efficient to ensure your baby stays well lubricated. The Hiflofiltro filter was built around a durable, heavy-duty steel canister to protect against extreme pressures. The filter itself allows for high flow but removes particles as small as five microns. Compatible with all oil types, use whatever kind maximizes your machine.

10. OEM Parts

Mods can really improve your bike’s performance, but it pays to choose OEM for some things. Choosing the best BMW HP4 Race OEM Parts for your engine makes sense because you can’t find many aftermarket products. Internal engine mechanics need everything to fit together like a puzzle. An aftermarket company would have to get the OEM parts, design something extremely similar to original, and then figure out what changes would provide better performance. It’s easier to turn a profit on universal mufflers and suspension than specialized functional parts.

You don’t buy a bike like yours unless you’re serious about riding. Shop the best BMW HP4 Race parts and accessories to put your own mark on this model of German perfection.



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