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One of the best parts of getting a new bike is the limitless opportunities to customize it. With so many Honda CMX500A parts and accessories on the market, you can modify your bike to fit your preferred riding style. While you’re at it, why not pick up some riding gear for yourself? As we well know, a motorcycle is only half the equation when it comes to a satisfying cruise.

If you’re raring to get started, but aren’t sure how to find the best Honda CMX500A mods, fear not. We’ve compiled a list of 10 excellent options to make your Honda Rebel truly unique.

K&N Universal Round Tapered Chrome Air Filters

While not the sexiest aftermarket accessory, air filters are crucial to motorcycle performance. When you choose the Universal Round Tapered Chrome Air Filters from K&N, you know you’re getting the best for your bike’s internal systems.

The pleated structure means more surface area air flow and the rubber flanges are both pliable and incredibly strong. Since these filters are cleanable, you can reuse them, saving you money while still guaranteeing protection against debris in your engine.

Honda Passenger Seat Kit

One of the best Honda CMX500A OEM parts for those of us who like to ride with a partner is the Honda Passenger Seat Kit. This kit includes everything you need to attach a passenger seat to your Honda Rebel. Though it takes a bit of assembly, installation is fairly simple. With just a little effort, you and your sweetheart can be comfortably hitting the highway in no time.

Terry Components Battery Cable With Auxiliary Wire

Though customizing your bike’s electrical system can be intimidating, there are a lot of reasons to change up the wiring, such as installing these:

Phone charging outlet
Additional lighting
Solar cell charger

If you decide to brave the circuits, the Battery Cable With Auxiliary Wire from Terry Components is just the part you need to get the job done. The negative cable takes care of grounding, which can be a big concern with custom wiring, while the positive cable is plated with 18K gold for superior conductivity. You can even connect directly to the regulator or terminal block as needed.

Icon 1000 Elsinore HP Boots

Want to look like a boss while having excellent foot protection? We know we do, which is why the Icon 1000 Elsinore HP Boots have our vote as one of the best Honda CMX500A accessories. These bad boys boast a top grain leather upper, internal ankle plates and aluminum shin plates. The five straps sporting cast metal buckles, in addition to the stamped metal plate on the uppers, announce to the world that this rider is all about pushing the limits and looking good while doing it. Get it in black or brown to match your other gear.

JT Sprockets 520 HDR Super Competition Race Series Drive Chain

Our bikes’ drive chains are major movers when it comes to power: These parts connect the rear wheel and engine, transferring all that horsepower into speed. That’s why your choice of drive chain can make a huge difference to performance. JT Sprocket’s 520 HDR Super Competition Race Series Drive Chain makes our list of best performance parts for Honda CMX500A due to its incredible durability and 8,114 pound tensile strength. Happy customers also comment that you get high quality for half the cost of many self-titled “high-end” brands

Joe Rocket Classic ’92 Leather Jacket

Into the retro look but in search of modern protection? Joe Rocket’s Classic ’92 Leather Jacket fits the bill with drum dyed cowhide and pockets for armor at the back, elbows and shoulders. You’ve also got generous storage options with four external pockets and two internal. The main zipper also sports a storm flap to ensure you and your valuables stay dry. This jacket comes in black and brown with white or orange striping for a total of four style combinations.

Roland Sands Design King Ape Hangers

If your personal philosophy is “go big or go home,” then meet the King Ape Hangers by Roland Sands Design. These vintage-inspired handlebars make a statement with 16 inches of height and 36 1/2 inches of width. The drilled corner gussets are more than just a cool visual – they add stability and strength to the 1 1/4 inch bars. Get them in Black Powdercoat, Black Ops or Chrome to turn your bike into a real beast.

Joe Rocket Supermoto Gloves

The best gloves have the right balance of flexibility and protection, and the Joe Rocket Supermoto Gloves hit the sweet spot. The palms are leather goatskin, with integrated TPU protection. If you’ve ever struggled to use your phone with gloves on, you’re in luck: The Supermoto incorporates conductive materials into the thumb and fingertips so you can use your touchscreen without a hitch. The hook-and-look closure at the wrist lets you adjust for a perfect fit and the pre-curved design means you can ride with a comfortable grasp.

BikeMaster Wave Grips

One of the easiest ways to customize your bike is by finding grips that suit your personal style. We’re personal fans of the BikeMaster Wave Grips, which add a dash of pizazz to a bike without going overboard. The dual compound grip also ensures these accessories are comfortable with soft material that reduces vibration. Take your pick from five different color combinations to add an eye-catching accent to your Honda’s color scheme.

Scott Split OTG Goggles

Those of us who wear goggles while riding know a great pair is hard to find. Fortunately for us, Scott has created the perfect choice in the Split OTG Goggles. These babies feature anti-fog technology and have more than enough room to fit most prescription glasses. Three layers of face foam make for a snug and comfortable fit, with a silicone strap for customized sizing. The lens also offer 100 percent UV protection to safeguard your vision even in the glaring sun.

No matter how you choose to modify your Rebel, be sure you only choose the best Honda CMX500A aftermarket parts. Be good to your bike with the highest quality accessories, and you’ll have a long future on the highway.



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