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The Honda Rebel is a literal icon where motorcycling is concerned. From its classic styling to the ease of giving it a ride, this bike is one of the favorites where starting motorcycles are concerned. But the great thing about the Honda Rebel 300 is that it can also grow along with you as necessary. This is where aftermarket mods come into play, and it can keep your beloved Honda Rebel 300 growing with the big boys and a delight to ride even after you’ve mastered the basics.

We’ve gotten together a list of the best Honda Rebel 300 aftermarket mods for your perusal and, hopefully, addition to your ride.

1. Biker’s Choice Custom Rear Fender

One of the most popular things to customize on any bike is the fender. While there are many Honda Rebel 300 Fenders that you could choose from, we’re big fans of the Biker’s Choice Custom Rear Fenders due to how customizable they are. We’re also in love with the styling of this particular fender since it’s so classic and would work so well with the traditional lines of the Honda Rebel 300.

2. Metzeler Lasertec Motorcycle Tire

If you own your Honda Rebel 300 motorcycle for long enough, you’ll definitely find yourself in the market for new tires. Choosing the right tire can have a great impact on the way that your Honda Rebel 300 rides, and that’s why we recommend the Metzeler Lasertec Motorcycle Tire. Metzeler is one of the most popular names in Honda Rebel 300 tires for a reason: they combine price point with performance seamlessly. This tire specifically reduces the chance of hydroplaning with its tire tread, making it very popular for those who want additional peace of mind.

3. All Balls Fork Oil Seal & Dust Seal Kit

One of the most important parts of your bike to invest in is the suspension The Honda Rebel 300 suspension system is what keeps you safe and comfortable on your ride, and your forks in particular are very important. It’s necessary to keep them sealed against inevitable dust, as due to their location on the bike they’re likely to pick up quite a bit of grime. That’s where the All Balls Fork Oil Seal & Dust Seal Kit comes in handy. These perform like Honda Rebel 300 OEM parts, but are much more affordable.

4. Kuryakyn ISO-Boards

One of the biggest game-changers when it comes to Honda Rebel 300 accessories are the footboards. Replacing your simple pegs for wider footboards either for yourself or your passenger can result in a much more comfortable ride, particularly if you are planning on taking your Honda Rebel 300 out for a long ride. These Kuryakyn ISO-Boards provide ample footrest for either a driver or a passenger and are sure to keep foot aches at bay.

5. Cobra Freeway Bars

The Honda Rebel 300 is a great, simple, classic bike as it is, but the appearance and functionality of it only gets better if you add a set of highway bars. Not only do highway bars provide great vintage styling to your ride, but they also add a great place to stretch out your legs on long rides. If you’re on your bike for more than a couple of hours, it’s not unusual to want to move around a little bit, particularly if your feet don’t need to be on the pegs constantly. The Cobra Freeway Bars are a great way to add style and comfort to your ride.

6. Show Chrome Universal Trailer Hitch Rack

One of the best additions that you can make to your Honda Rebel 300 is a way to stash more gear. Particularly if you are looking to take your Honda Rebel 300 out touring, having a place to keep your clothing and other necessities is a requirement. Having a trailer hitch rack like the Show Chrome Universal Trailer Hitch Rack is a great way to ensure that you can stow the gear you need. This is particularly a good thing to invest in if you are carrying a passenger with you on your sojourn!

7. K&N OE Replacement High Flow Air Filters

Air filters may not be the most exciting swap you’ll ever make on your Honda Rebel 300, but they’re definitely a necessity. Paying attention to your air filters makes sure that your Honda Rebel 300 has a long life and the engine keeps running as smoothly as the first day you swung your leg over the machine. The K&N Replacement High Flow Air Filters work for a number of bikes, including your beloved Honda Rebel 300.

8. BikeMaster American Chrome Mirror

Whether you’re looking to replace your mirrors after an unfortunate drop of the bike (oops) or if you’re seeking to chrome out your ride, the BikeMaster American Chrome Mirror is a fantastic choice for your Honda Rebel 300. Not only does this mirror provide a wide angle of view behind you, but it also has a wonderful classic look that fits right in with your Honda Rebel 300’s existing styling.

9. Saddlemen Saddle Skins Motorcycle Replacement Seat Covers

It’s a fact of life that the seat cover on your Honda Rebel 300 is going to wear out after you put your butt (or the butt of a passenger) on it for long enough. Many people look at their worn seat covers with a degree of pride, but if your seat is starting to look a little shabby, then you’ll definitely want to look into the Saddlemen Saddle Skins Motorcycle Replacement Seat Covers. They are specifically designed to fit the original styling of your Honda Rebel 300, so you’ll be able to keep that classic cool look no matter how many you wear out.

10. Cobra Standard Sissy Bar

A bike like the Honda Rebel 300 is begging for a sissy bar. And in fact, your passenger might be begging for one as well! The Cobra Standard Sissy Bar fits with multiple bikes and is right at home on the back of your Honda Rebel 300. Not only will a sissy bar result in a more comfortable ride for any passengers you might have, it also makes it easier to stack cargo on the back. The look isn’t bad, either.

Give your bike some love with the best parts for your Honda Rebel 300. Just a little bit of customizing can go a long way with this iconic ride.  



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