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The difference between a great and an unforgettable ride is just a few parts. From high-end aftermarket components to affordable OEM replacement parts, find the best mods and accessories you need to create your own ride. Take a look at our top picks for the best Honda Rebel 500 aftermarket mods today.


If your front end has seen better days, shop for aftermarket and OEM Honda Rebel 500 fenders. Replacement fenders are one of the easiest ways to breathe some fresh air into your dirt-covered and tarnished old ride.

Universal fenders, like the Acerbis Front Fender, can bring some complimenting color to your Rebel 500. Make sure you choose a fender option that fits your Rebel. Whether you’re rocking an old-school Honda or have the latest 2019 Rebel 500, you’ll want a fender that fits your bike and your sense of style.


Choose Honda Rebel 500 OEM parts to bring back the glory days of your motorcycle. Ride long and hard enough and your bike could be looking and feeling worse for wear. A great way to bring back that new bike feel is with a replacement Honda Rebel 500 suspension.

Cruising over potholes and uneven dirt roads can leave your suspension worn out. There’s nothing worse than poor suspension on a long road trip. Whether you opt for an OEM or aftermarket suspension kit, have your local mechanic adjust it for optimal performance. We prefer to fine-tune our suspension to match our weight for a more personalized level of performance.


Worn out treads are unsafe and lack the grip you need to handle any weather conditions. Your Honda Rebel 500 tires can handle a beating, but a premium pair of aftermarket tires give you race-ready performance. Some tires are designed for specific purposes, like off-road tires or winter tires. Others are made to handle anything you encounter on or off the road. Whether you’re a fan of customized style or want an all-purpose solution, each set of tires will have its own pros and cons.

One of our top picks are Pirelli Sport Demon tires. These awesome tires have impressive grip and a multi-radius rear tire profile. Rain or shine, keep your bike on the road.

Brake Pads

When a truck pulls out in front of you or a green light seems to turn to red, you need stopping power. EBC Sintered Double-H Brake Pads give you the high-end performance of a sintered brake pad. Enjoy H-rated stopping power whether your brakes are hot or cold.

Brake pads combine performance and safety for a worthwhile investment. Sudden stops on hot brakes can quickly wear out your OEM brakes, so keep an eye on them and consider upgrading to a durable aftermarket option.

Air Filter

Clogged air filters decrease the efficiency of your engine. Don’t let a dirty filter ruin your ride. If your filter’s seen better days, grab a new one that’s designed for the long haul.

K&N OE Replacement High Flow Air Filters are designed to last up to 45 years and are easy to clean. These pre-oiled filters are ready to rock, so grab one that fits your Rebel 500 and swap it out.

Engine Guards

Ever take a tumble on your bike? Whether cruising at high speeds or commuting around town, a fall is scary, both for you and your bike. Thankfully, there’s a few mods that can help keep your bike intact when things go wrong.

Choose durable Baron Engine Guards to avoid excessive damage to your engine and other parts. It may not protect you from a wipeout, but keeping your bike in one piece after a fall is well worth the investment.

Exhaust System

Bring out the full growl of your Honda Rebel 500 with a premium aftermarket exhaust system. Not only can a new exhaust amp up the sound of your engine, it can also improve the efficiency of your ride.

A great option to check out is the Mac Tapered Exhaust System. This smooth exhaust offers a vintage look and a lightweight design. Welded baffles and easy access to your drain plug and oil filter are just a few reasons this is one of our favorite exhaust systems.


Of course, no aftermarket list would be complete without a few luxury Honda Rebel 500 accessories. Now that your bike looks the part, match it with a comfortable, durable helmet. Not all helmets are made the same. Some are designed to look cool and match your bike, but aren’t going to keep you safe when things get hairy. Choose a helmet that offers these essential features:

Wide field of vision

One of our favorite cruising helmets for our Rebel 500 is the HJC IS-Max 2 Modular Helmet. This stylish and durable helmet boasts plenty of benefits with a sleek, futuristic look.


A leather bike jacket is a great way to look the part and feel great while you ride. There’s a wide variety of shapes, sizes and designs, depending on the weather and riding style. Be sure to choose a jacket that is comfortable, flexible and protects you from the elements and any scuffs or scrapes along the way.


From the snowy streets to the muddy trails, there’s a boot for every occasion. Whether you’re looking for a specialized footwear option or need a rugged, versatile pair, it’s important to have proper footwear for a safe and comfortable ride.

An all-purpose favorite that’s meant to handle a wide range of conditions is a pair of Alpinestars Web Gore-Tex Boots. These flexible, breathable and insulated boots can withstand rain, snow and long road trips with ease. Choose boots that aren’t just made for walking, but are equally at home on your Rebel 500.

Adventure Awaits

These 10 aftermarket mods and OEM parts are just a jumping off point when it comes to customizing your ride. You’ve selected an excellent bike, now it’s time to make it your own. Shop for the best parts for your Honda Rebel 500 and enjoy boosted performance and unforgettable style. Your next adventure awaits.



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