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One of our favorite things about owning a motorcycle is the chance to customize. With so many OEM parts and aftermarket mods available, riders can make the bike of their dreams.

But since there are so many options, it’s important to do your homework and make sure you’re getting the best quality parts. After all, the workmanship of your accessories can influence how your machine runs and can even affect your safety.

We took a look at Honda Shadow Aero 750 OEM parts, riding accessories and aftermarket mods to determine which were the best. Check out these 10 awesome parts that can add a little extra something to your bike.

Cobra Backrest Inserts for Honda and Cobra Backrests

If you like to ride with a passenger, a backrest may be a good investment. Providing comfort and support, the Cobra Backrest Insert comes with your choice of design:


This backrest is built to last with high-quality steel and is laser-cut for ultimate precision. The chrome finish adds an impeccable shine to give your bike a dazzling touch.

Sedona Coyote Tires

Tires play a huge factor in the performance of your bike. They ensure you can maintain control in wet conditions, influence your miles per gallon, and keep your ride smooth.

When you’re looking for Honda Shadow Aero 750 tires, Sedona Coyote stands head and shoulders above the rest. These tires have several awesome features worth bragging about:

Siped tread lugs
Wheels protected by built-in “Rim Guard”
Puncture resistance
Integrated side lugs
Aggressive tread design

With the ultimate durability of Sedona Coyote Tires, you can tackle the road without worrying about a flat even if the terrain gets rough.

Fly Aero Tapered Handlebars

If you’re all about customization, handlebars are a great way to add personal style to your bike. They’re also vital when it comes to rider comfort – the wrong angle can lead to fatigue that may ruin an otherwise perfect ride.

Fly Aero Tapered Handlebars deliver on both style and function with these impressive features:

Laser accurate steering
Bead blasted surface
Made with 7075 taper walled aluminum, aircraft grade

These handlebars are both strong and flexible to ensure shock dissipation. You can get them in matte black, matte blue, chrome and matte gray.

Cycra Supermoto Front Fender

Your front fender is there for more than decoration – it can keep your forks from flexing while protecting you from the dirt and debris your front tire kicks up. Compared to other Honda Shadow Aero 750 fenders, Cycra Supermoto Front Fender are a solid investment. They boast several elements to improve both performance and comfort:

Stiff material
Inner Fender Brace Technology
Quality injection molded fit

The sleek design helps reduce drag while adding a modern flair to your bike’s appearance. Available colors include orange, white, blue, black and red.

EMGO Mirror

Modern bikes may be flashy and sport some cool perks, but there’s something just downright cool about retro-style motorcycles. If you’re aiming to add a touch of old-school charm to your motorcycle, the EMGO Mirror may be the perfect accessory. These mirrors are replicas of those fitted on 70s Japanese Hondas and may be a good option if you need replacements but don’t want to break the bank.

Progressive Suspension Springs

When looking for ways to upgrade, did you consider your Honda Shadow Aero 750 suspension? This core component often gets overlooked, which is understandable. Suspensions don’t usually come in flashy colors and upgrades aren’t typically noticeable at a glance. But one ride on a bike with a fine-tuned suspension and you’ll be eager to bring your own motorcycle up to snuff.

Getting the right suspension parts can improve your control, safety and comfort. Progressive Suspension Springs are stiffer than average, allowing you to use less air pressure when tuning the suspension and providing improved performance.

Spider M1 Motorcycle Grips

When you’re looking for the best parts for your Honda Shadow Aero 750, don’t forget that you can upgrade your grips. A good grip can improve your ability to handle your bike. Grips also present an amazing opportunity to add flair to your motorcycle.

Spider M1 Motorcycle Grips are designed to absorb vibration courtesy of double-layered Spider Traction Gel. You’re sure to find a pair that suits your bike from the many color combinations available:

Black flange / gray grip
Gray flange / black grip
Blue flange / black grip
Yellow flange / black grip
Green flange / black grip
Red flange / black grip
Orange flange / black grip
Pink flange / black grip
Prevent blisters with these prime grips.

Parts Unlimited Lever Assembly

Your brake levers are integral to your safety, which is why you should replace them when rust and time take their toll. The Parts Unlimited Lever Assembly is a great option that takes minimal effort. Made of quality alloy, these levers come with several pieces:

Parking brake clip
Lever holder
Cable adjuster

Take control over your brakes with these chrome-finished levers.

Alpinestars Tech Aero Tank Bag

If you like to take long rides or daytrips, luggage is one of the top Honda Shadow Aero 750 accessories to invest in. The Alpinestars Tech Aero Tank Bag is a beast that can handle almost any journey with the following features:

Padded top carry handle
Packaway back system
Internal and side pockets with organizers
Expandable top bag
Clear map holder
Water resistant zippers

This tank bag is perfect for bikers who like to be prepared for anything.

Acerbis L.E.D. Motorcycle Taillight

Want to upgrade your taillights to LED? The Acerbis L.E.D. Motorcycle Taillight is built for efficiency and durability with these elements:

Low energy consumption
Waterproof electronic board
Polycarbonate face
Unlimited LED life
Universal number plate holder
Central hole and three fixing points

Lightweight and easy to clean, this taillight is as convenient as it is bright.

When you replace a part on your bike, make sure you’re only using the best Honda Shadow Aero 750 aftermarket mods, OEM parts and accessories. With high-quality products, you can create the ultimate version of your motorcycle that excels in performance and looks badass to boot.



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