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An adventurous spirit, a rugged look, the sense of spontaneity…we’ve all heard about some of those percevied benefits of dating someone who rides a motorcycle. But if you ask those who have done it before, you’ll find there are actually a few bonuses too! in this article, we tell you all about the hidden benefits of dating a rider that aren’t so obvious.


1) It Will Make Your Girlfriends Jealous

It’s pretty well known that a motorcycle is like a cheat code to make a guy more attractive; they are perceived as adventurous, rebellious, powerful and sexy; but at the same time, they’re socially acceptable. (You know, like tattoos have become. Except less permanent. And less painful.) In fact, a survey done by users of Match.com found that the word “motorcycle” was the second most frequently used search term by women when searching dating profiles!

So dating a motorcycle rider will instantly make your friends jealous (which we all secretly want to do.) But what if you’re motorcycle-riding mate isn’t terribly blessed in the facial department? Not to worry. Simply share pictures of you and him with his helmet on, adding to the mystery and intrigue and making you look like the sexy queen you are.


As far as your friends are concerned, he looks exactly like Brad Pitt under there. (No he really does. Seriously.)


2) It’s a Legitimate Excuse to Rock Motorcycle Style

At some point, everyone fantasizes about looking like a biker. The slick black leather jacket, tight jeans, black leather boots, killer black shades…it’s the classic uniform of badassness everyone recognizes. But if you don’t have a bike, it may be a little hard to explain why you’re wearing a hip-length leather moto jacket over a tank top and knee-high stiletto boots in the middle of summer.

But if you’re dating a motorcycle rider, suddenly, it all makes sense. So go ahead, charge those $400 black leather pants you’ve always wanted. You need them now.


No motorcycle, and this outfit might look a little ridiculous. But when you date a motorcyle rider, tight black leather suddenly just works.


3) Perfect Excuse To Not Do Your Hair

The idea of “the wind in your hair” sounds sexy on a motorcycle, but in reality, all a motorcycle ride will do is beat your hair into a tangled mess and leave it smelling like exhaust fumes. Ain’t nobody got time for that! So if you’re dating a motorcycle rider and going on a ride, a simple ponytail can be your new go-to do. If you’re motorcycle riding partner protests, just point back at the tangled mop of helmet hair on his head. ‘Nuff said.



4) They Are Easy to Buy Gifts For

We’ve all struggled with buying the “right gift” for a partner, especially in a new relationship. How much is too much to spend? How romantic should it be? How do you get something meaningful that will show you really understand them?
But if you’re dating a motorcycle rider, buying gifts is easy. Whatever brand of motorcycle he rides, get him a gift with the same brand name on it. Mission accomplished. He’ll love it. (Note: this is even easier if he rides a Harley – you can buy him branded merchandise for the next 50 years and he’ll be a happy camper.)


5) Motorcycles Attract Way More Dude Attention Than Girl Attention

Like I mentioned in #1, motorcycles can make a guy seem a lot more sexy and attractive – in theory. In the real world, motorcycles do draw a lot of attention and help start a lot of conversations, it just that they’re with other guys. Ask any guy who rides. Don’t worry, your motorcycle dude is safe with you – the only people trying to get his number want to be his riding buddies. See diagram below for an illustration.



6) He Can Probably Fix Stuff

Motorcycle riders tend to be independent, self-reliant, and at least somewhat mechanically inclined, so if you want a guy who is going to be handy around the house, a motorcycle rider is a pretty safe bet. If he rides dirt bikes, he definitely knows a thing or two about turning wrenches, and if he rides an old British BSA or Norton, he can probably fix damn near anything. Unless he rides a new Ducati, your days of hiring a handyman are over!


I mean, just look at this guy. You just KNOW he knows how to fix stuff.


7) Motorcycle Riders Are Happier and Smarter People

They say you never see a motorcycle parked outside of a psychiatrists office, and there’s a reason for that; motorcycles are one of the best forms of stress relief you can find. While most of this article was just in good fun, it really is true that motorcycle riders report more higher feelings of satisfaction and lower stress levels, both with life and in their relationships.

In addition, according to a recent Tokyo University study, motorcycle riding enhances cognitive ability in those who ride regularly – in other words, it actually makes them smarter! So motorcycle riders are happier, smarter, more adventurous, sexier people…and those are some real benefits of dating a motorcycle rider!


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