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In this busy, digital age we’re in, a lot of us ride to get away from all the technology cluttering our lives, not to get more involved in it! But the fact is, there are actually some really cool motorcycle apps that can make riding safer, more engaging, and more fun. Check out some of our favorites here!

In this day and age, life is more distracting than ever because of all the electronic devices and apps we use on a daily basis. And if you’re anything like me, you ride to get away from all that noise and confusion of modern everyday life. But you can’t deny the conveniences that our devices and the countless apps we use give us, and these days, there are a lot of apps out there that can really help to enhance our rides rather than detract from them, and make them safer, more convenient, and more fun!

So in this article, we scoured the web – and our phones – to find the most useful apps specifically for motorcycle riders to use. We’ve got them all categorized by type, so whether you’re looking for the fastest or most scenic route, need an accurate weather forecast, or just want to find a great place to eat on a ride…there’s an app for that! You’re sure to find at least a couple apps you can use here; and best of all, most of them work great for everyday life in general, not just when you’re out riding.

Check out our list, and if you have a recommendation for an app you use that you love, leave it in the comments so we can add it!

All-In-One Motorcycle App:

Eat Sleep Ride

If you’re looking for one app tailored specifically toward motorcycle riders that can “do it all,” this is the one. After years of other apps being developed for various other aspects of riding, like route sharing and planning, ride replay, group ride tracking, and so on, Eat Sleep Ride took all the most in-demand features of all of them and made one “suite” just for riders.

Eat Sleep Ride has an awesome user interface and a whole host of features that are perfect for motorcycling, like being able to track, save, and share your rides, Replaying your rides with speed, elevation, and lean angle, allowing you to discover new routes submitted by other users, and more.

But the coolest feature of Eat Sleep Ride is probably CRASHLIGHT, a feature that uses your accelerometer to detect a motorcycle crash, and automatically sends an emergency alert to your pre-selected contacts along with your exact location if you don’t deactivate it within a small time window after the crash. CRASHLIGHT alone is reason enough to get Eat Sleep Ride, and riders with concerned loved ones will really love the peace of mind this gives them! (iOS and Android.)

Eat Sleep Ride is a cool “all in one” app for motorcycle riders with a lot of functionality.

Navigation/Directions App:


Waze is the world’s largest community based traffic and navigation app, and it shares traffic, road condition, and route info in real time to give you the most efficient way to get to your destination. It is a commuting app that was developed by and for drivers, but the ecosystem is so large, and the data so current, motorcycle commuters are sure to benefit from it as well. It may not give you the most scenic touring route or the best place to scrub off your chicken strips, but it will help you get to your destination fast for those Monday-Friday rides. It can also sync you up with other riders, and even find the cheapest places to find gas on your route! (iOS and Android.)

Route Tracking/Sharing Apps:

Best Biking Roads

Best Biking Roads is the world’s largest motorcycle touring resource, built out of the on-the-ground experiences of over 25,000 riders worldwide! The result is over 8000 individual routes chosen by motorcyclists, for motorcyclists, and many of them include photos, video, and even reviews from other riders. Check this out to find your next favorite ride! (iOS and Android version)


RoadTrippers is an awesome resource to help you plan long trips like multi-day touring rides. It helps you discover great road destinations like diners, scenic spots, local attractions, hotels, and more – over a million Points Of Interest total! RoadTrippers is the ultimate road trip planning app, and essential for Touring or Adventure riders. (iOS and Android)


Rever is a cool new community based route and ride planner that helps you discover new rides and share your own in a fun, engaging way. You can record your own rides with key stats like time, distance, average speed, elevation, and more, then share it with others in the Rever community. You can even link up with other riders to find or create group rides in a snap! For more fun, you can complete challenges and unlock awards by riding more, and it also gives you the much-needed ability to cache maps onto your phone to refer to when you lose your signal – which happens to use riders all the time! (iOS and Android)

Weather App:

NOAA Weather Radar

Bad weather is the bane of motorcycle riders, but technology makes it easier than ever to tell if you’re going to hit a patch of the rough stuff on a ride. NOAA’s Weather Rader app gives you direct access to NOAA’s satellite imagery in real time, so you can see exactly what the Doppler radars are saying right at that moment in HD playback, and plan accordingly. (iOS only)

Dark Sky

Dark Sky is unique in that it not only uses government-sourced radar information to provide extremely accurate weather forecasts, but it also uses crowd-sourced data from users to give constantly updated, ground-level reports. It can even automatically report data using the built-in barometer on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus! An indispensable app for riders who live in areas with unpredictable weather who don’t want to get caught out in the rain. (iOS only)

Volume Control Apps:


Have you ever been out on a ride and had your phone connected to the Bluetooth system speakers in your helmet, but with all the wind and motorcycle noise you just couldn’t hear it? What you need is a way to crank that volume up even louder than factory, and SpeakerBoost is it; it allows you to boost sound beyond the preprogrammed limits in your phone, so you can blast sound when you need it most. Careful though; blown speakers and headphones have been reported, because this app is powerful! (Android only.)

Gas and Fuel Mileage Tracking Apps:


FuelLog is an app to keep track of fuel consumption, vehicle maintenance, and costs, and automatically calculates useful stats like fuel mileage. But it goes even deeper than that; FuelLog can also figure out average cost per distance or gas amount, fuel cost per month or year, total distances driven, and more! Whether you own a fleet of business vehicles or just want to see what kind of mileage your bike is getting after a carb tuning, this app will do the trick. (Android only.)

Gas Buddy

Gas Buddy is the most popular app out there to help you find the cheapest gas prices around! With over 50 million users and constantly updated prices, it will help you find anywhere gas is cheapest, anytime. Use it on your bike or in your car, it will save you money no matter what you’re filling up! You can also win points and awards for reporting gas prices at stations you visit on the app.

Gas Buddy is the biggest source of crowd-sourced gas info in the app world, with millions of users all reporting gas prices so you can always find the lowest prices on your route.

Fuel Monitor

This iOS app calculates fuel consumption automatically along with the more useful cost-per-mile figure, so you can figure out what your rides are really costing you. It can also track services and repairs, along with giving you reminders about when maintenance is coming due. The best part is it can also export all this data to a spreadsheet, so you can use for budgeting or tax deductions! (iOS only.)

Performance Data Logging App:

Pirelli Diablo Super Biker

If you are a sport rider who really likes to track your performance, you’ll love the Pirelli Diablo Super Biker app, which can track speed, routes, lap times on a track, and even lean angle, using the gyrometer on your phone. You can also easily share the data to social media if you want to show off your latest lap times to your friends. Not 100% as accurate as actual data-logging systems, but for the price of “free 99” it can’t be beat. (iOS and Android)

Extending Battery Life:

Battery Doctor

All these apps are great, but the down side is, once your phone dies, you’re back in the dark ages! To prevent that, use a battery monitor/preserver like Battery Monitor, which will show you at a glance all the apps you have running, and how much battery life can be extended on each one. Essential for riders who get caught out a little longer than they planned with a battery life that is dipping down into the red (in other words, all of us!) (iOS and Android)

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