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If you’re in the market for a new motorcycle helmet, you’ll definitely want to check these out – our ten absolute hottest-selling models right now! Check out what other customers are voting on with their wallets, and see how these ten excellent street and full face helmets proclaimed their spots at the top of the list.

10) Cyber US-39 Solid Motorcycle Helmet

The Cyber US-39 Solid Motorcycle Helmet The Cyber US-39 Solid Motorcycle Helmet

Coming in at number 10 on our Top 10 Helmet list is the Cyber US-39 Solid Motorcycle Helmet. There’s not a lot of flash or flair when it comes to the US-39, but when it comes to bang-for-the-buck, it’s right at the top of the list with a solid 4.7 out of a 5 star rating from our customers. With features like a toolless, quick change shield, removable/washable liner and multi-port intake and exhaust venting, you’ll be hard pressed to find another helmet in this pricepoint.

9) Shoei GT-Air Full Face Helmet

Shoei GT-Air Full Face Helmet Shoei GT-Air Full Face Helmet

At the #9 spot on our list is a helmet that is a significant jump up in price from #10, but an enormous jump up in features and quality. The Shoei GT-Air helmet is truly a world-class sport and sport touring helmet from Shoei, one of the world’s finest manufacturers of motorcycle helmets, and this particular model is their first ever full-face helmet with an internal drop-down sun visor. It also features a high-flow, adjustable ventilation system, excellent aerodynamics, and an included Pinlock Anti-Fog System for visibility in all environments. The Shoei GT-Air is without a doubt one of the nicest full-face sport helmets we carry, and it’s spot on the Top 10 list is no mystery!

8) The GMAX GM54S Modular Motorcycle Helmet

GMAX GM54S Modular Motorcycle Helmet The GMAX GM54S Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Are you looking for a Modular Helmet that won’t break the bank so you can’t go on your next adventure? The GMAX GM54S might be just what you’re looking for with many features that you’d find in a premium helmet at an affordable price. What kind of features you might ask? How about an inner flip tint sun lens, integrated multi-function red LED rear light, removable liner and cheek pads and the list goes on. With over 35 reviews averaging 4.4 out of 5 stars, you can’t go wrong with this helmet.

7) Speed and Strength SS700 Hammer Down Helmet

The Speed and Strength SS700 Hammer Down Helmet The Speed and Strength SS700 Hammer Down Helmet

What makes the Speed and Strength SS700 Helmet such a great seller? It’s an incredible value! The SS700 is not big on features, but at well under $100, it is a solid performing full-face sport helmet that absolutely will not break the bank. The SS700 is both DOT-approved and EVE 22.05-rated, and features a removable liner and anti-scratch and anti-fog visor.

6) Bell Qualifier Solid Helmet

Bell Qualifier Solid Helmet The Bell Qualifier Solid Helmet

The Bell Qualifier Helmet raised the performance/value quotient to exceptional new levels. The Qualifier incorporates numerous features from the top-of-the-line Bell Star, such as the aerodynamic shell design, super easy-to-use Click Release shield change system, integrated speaker pocket for easy Bluetooth installation, and more – all for just a tick over $100! No wonder this thing has a 4.6/5 rating – the value in this helmet just can’t be beat.

5) Icon Airmada Solid Motorcycle Helmet

Icon Airmada Solid Motorcycle Helmet Icon Airmada Solid Motorcycle Helmet

Icon is known for out-of-the-box ideas and aggressively functional styling, and when the Airmada hit the scene, it was obvious that they incorporated plenty of both into this awesome full-face helmet. The Airmada has a low-profile shell design for excellent aerodynamics, advanced polycarbonate construction for light weight, and a new Rapid Release shield change system for fast visor swaps (a welcome change over older Icon designs!) The Airmada is an eye-catching, aggressive, and surprisingly high-quality helmet that could easily justify a price of $350 or more – but it starts at only $180, easily explaining why it’s our 5th best-selling lid.

4) Icon Alliance Dark Helmet

Icon Alliance Dark Helmet The Icon Alliance Dark Helmet

The Airmada is an awesome helmet for an excellent price – but the Icon Alliance Dark Helmet is even better! The Alliance Dark helmet combines many of the most popular features of Icon’s higher-end helmets for less money, and it comes in this evil-looking murdered-out black Rubatone finish with a free dark smoke visor included for maximum badassness. All this for only $150 – you can’t go wrong.

3) Bell Revolver Evo Solid Modular Helmet

Bell Revolver Evo Solid Modular Helmet The Bell Revolver Evo Solid Modular Helmet

Bell is a performance-oriented brand, so when they decided to jump into the modular game, they weren’t going to do it with anything less than one that would live up to the high standards of their racing and street sport helmets. The Revolver Evo is the second-generation of Bell’s modular helmets, an “evolution” of the original Revolver, and features a more secure eyeport seal, new chin curtain, and a better drop-down sun visor. The new Revolver Evo took everything customers loved about the original Revolver and made it even better, which is why it is our third best-selling helmet company-wide!

2) HJC CL-17 Streamline Helmet

HJC CL-17 Streamline Helmet HJC CL-17 Streamline Helmet

As a leader in helmet technology, HJC knows what it takes to protect your brain. Their CL-17 Streamline has a tried and true design with a simple yet stylish graphic that has been a hit since its launch. As one of our best-selling helmets, the CL-17 Streamline from HJC comes loaded with features like a toolless visor removal system, anti-fog system, moisture wicking interior with removable cheek pads and liner and some of the best ventilation you can find for a helmet in this price point. This affordably priced skid lid is a perfect replacement for that stinky bucket you’ve currently got or even as a spare for the occasional passenger.

1) Shoei Neotec Modular Helmet

https://www.bikebandit.com/shoei-neotec-modular-helmet The Shoei Neotec Modular Helmet

With a solid 4.7/5 rating from our customers, it’s no wonder the innovative and durable Shoei Neotec finds itself at the top of the pack – everything about this second-generation modular helmet from one of the world’s most renowned helmet manufacturers is made for versatility, user-friendliness and quality.

The Neotec was designed with the demands of long-distance sport touring and adventure riding in mind, and incorporates convenient features like an integrated drop-down sun visor, Shoei’s stainless steel 360 Degree Pivot Locking system, and an innovative tri-composite shell that is one of the quietest in the industry (especially for a modular.) Combine that with Shoei’s legendary quality, and you have an excellent helmet that not just touring and adventure riders can appreciate, but that every street rider that wants a versatile full-face helmet is sure to love!

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