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Putting on a helmet before a ride has always been a pain; but this unique rear-entry motorcycle helmet could change that completely. Could this be the future of helmet design, or is it just a novelty?

Whether you ride a cruiser, a sport bike, or an adventure bike there are a few annoyances about being a motorcycle rider that plague us all – and one of them is putting on your helmet before a ride.

You know the drill. Start your bike to let it warm up (because you know it’s going to be a minute); take off your glasses or sunglasses; put on some kind of hair cap or bandanna if you use one; close your eyes shove your head into the tight neck roll of your helmet; fiddle around with D-rings until you get them secured; put back on your glasses or sunglasses; put on your gloves (because there’s no way you could have ever secured the D-rings with them on); and now, two minutes later, you’re finally ready to ride.


Vozz’s unique clam-shell design allows you to snap the helmet on right over your head.

Let’s face it – putting on a helmet is a pain in the ass.

Now, shoving your head into a properly fitting helmet and strapping it on to go ride has always just been part of the deal. But what if it wasn’t? What if there was a much easier way to get your helmet on that took only seconds? Well this Australian helmet company, VOZZ, envisioned that, and the result is this unique rear-entry motorcycle helmet.

It looks unusual, but it’s a neat idea with several benefits:

  • Time: it takes only seconds to put on and take off
  • Safety: it doesn’t need to be pulled off after an accident, which could aggravate a spinal injury; it can be opened and removed easily
  • Aerodynamic: a wide neck opening is not necessary since you don’t pull your head through it, so the shell is rolled inward all the way to the neck which eliminates wind noise and buffeting
  • Convenience: you don’t have to remove glasses or sunglasses before putting it on
  • No more helmet hair: this speaks for itself


A look inside the Vozz helmet. Notice the profile of the chinbar; it’s rolled inward all the way to the neck, to eliminate wind noise and buffeting.

The rear-entry helmet is a novel idea, and seems to have a lot of benefits.

I’m a big fan of the helmet’s shape at the neck in particular; because the shell is rolled inward all the way to the neck, it provides a lot more protection around the bottom of the helmet than a traditional helmet would. And not just from impact, but from damaging wind noise and buffeting, which is a problem with every full-face helmet I’ve ever worn. And the convenience of putting it on and taking it off – well, you saw the GIF. It couldn’t get much easier than that.

But this solution has it’s own set of problems too. First of all, would it really be safe in a serious accident? And how would this design be tested for DOT or ECE certification when the entire certification system is designed to test traditional, solid-shell helmets? Also a rider was in an accident, how would EMTs know how to remove the helmet if they’ve never seen a design like this before?


One of the biggest benefits is safety; this helmet can be removed with minimal disturbance to the head and spine, as opposed to traditional helmets, which need to be pulled (or sawed) off.

With any new technology, there are questions to be answered and a learning curve involved, but regardless, I think this method of getting a helmet on and off is pretty awesome. VOZZ hasn’t made it’s way into the North American market yet, so we probably won’t see it any time soon; but the product video has gone viral, getting over 35,000 views in only two days, which means there is definitely some interest in it.


So what do you think – would you be interested in a helmet like this?

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