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Hi, I’m Steve Matthis. You might remember me from being the winning mechanic at the 1999 Summercross. Well, this week on the Transworld Bike Bandit how to, I’m gonna show you how to change an air filter.

The air filter, one of the cheapest things on your bike, is also one of the most important. What you wanna do is make sure that it’s kept clean at all times. This affects the reliability and the performance to your machine. Basically, the Transworld Motocross guys here have left me with a pretty dirty one. So get some gloves from your local doctor’s office or you can buy them.

And you wanna be careful when you reach into the air box to take out a dirty air filter. Lots of times they’ll be dirt and debris on it and you can drop back down into the boot and affect your motor. So unscrew the bolt, there’s not a lot of room on these new four-strokes either for the airbox. So extra special attention. Turning, turning, turning still turning. Take out the bolt, turn the filter sideways and voila, there you have it. Like I said, the Transworld Motocross guys, they don’t do their maintenance. A dirty filter.

When I clean the air box, I like to use Maxima contact cleaner. Basically get a rag, get your contact cleaner. Spray some on there and just reach down and clean that lip, get all the dirt and debris out. Clean the backside of the airbox. As a factory mechanic, you’ll see a lot of times at the races, the mechanics will have the whole subframe pulled off. They don’t wanna risk dropping even the tiniest little bit of dirt down in there. But for this purpose, and for most guys, you can just use contact cleaner and a rag.

For those of you that don’t have fresh clean filter oils at home, what you wanna do is you take your dirty filter, get a bucket, maybe some solvent, little bit of gasoline, Maxima air filter cleaner. Basically, spray that in there and work it around the filter. But it’s not how we roll here at Transworld. We have a new pro-filter oiled and ready to go into the bike. So the new filter, ready to go and oiled, you wanna install into the bike. For sandy tracks or some mud, water, that sort of stuff, you can put the Maxima grease along the lip. Always like to do that at Southwick seemed to help my riders performance. But we’re going to go without that today. So as I took it out, I twisted the air filter. When I’m putting it back in, wanna twist it again. Drop it in there and again, visually check and make sure that you have all the tabs lined up. Pull it back a little bit. I like to do that to get the threads started. And simply start installing the air filter.

And again, I can’t stress how important it is to keep a fresh filter on your bike. It improves the reliability, improves the performance of it. And it’s an easy thing to do to your bike and that and oil changes, keep up on it. With that, that’s the Bike Bandit how to of the week.

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