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Hi, I’m Steve Matthes, 2003 Budds Creek 450 Moto 1 winning mechanic. That’s right, beating Ricky Carmichael.

Something that I like to think about once in a while is coolant in my motorcycle. Coolant’s very important, most people don’t think enough about it. What it does is it keeps your motor running cool, keep your bike working efficiently and it’s very, very important to change. So this week on the Transworld Motocross Bike Bandit, “How To Of The Week,” we’re gonna be talking coolant.

All right. So here we have a 2010 CRF250, we’re gonna change the coolant in it. Basically, what you wanna do is scoop the bike to the edge of the stand because you’re probably gonna spill some. Find the drain bolt, it’s the one with the copper washer. Make sure you have your drain bolt underneath. Crack open the bolt and you’ll see that it just dribbles out a little bit. What you wanna do, just crack open the radiator cap a little bit and soon, the geyser will come.

All right. So I’ve drained the old coolant. And you can see, it was pretty dirty. Some bits and pieces of gasket material in there and some black stuff. Basically so now I fill the radiators up half way full. Oh, we put some cool blue hoses on here as well. Good idea to take a look Bike Bandit and order some up. It gets rid of the plastic Y-joints that are on some of the 450’s and that takes away the potential for a DNF. So we put some cool blue hoses on, we filled the radiator up about halfway right now and I’m gonna just pour in the Maxima Coolanol, available at Bike Bandit, of course. What you wanna do is fill it up right to the top. And you may think you’re done but you’re not. There’s always air trapped in the system, especially with changing the hoses. So basically, what I like to do is take the bike on the stand, just tip it over a little bit. You’ll hear the air getting worked out of the system getting pushed to the top. And now, we gotta fulfill the coolant’s destiny and pour it back into the bike. Don’t worry if you spill a little bit.

Grab the cap. Also too, I’ve seen people, friends of mine, have put their caps on and haven’t turned them all the way. There’s a couple of clicks when you turn it. So you go once, and then twice, and now the cap is locked. Another good idea, after you ride one time and the bike cools down, take the cap back off, you might need a little bit more coolant. So changing the hoses, changing the coolant, very important.

We’ve done all of this on the Transworld Motocross Bike Bandit, “How To Of The Week.” Stay tuned for next week’s tip.

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