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Hi, I’m Steve Matthes, Transworld Motocross Editor-at-large, and this week on the Transworld Motocross BikeBandit how-to of the week, I’m gonna talk about grips.

Everybody likes new grips. I know factory riders usually start the day with brand new grips. So if it’s been a while, you might want to invest in some. Easiest way to do it, get a razor blade, grab your grip, and simply cut along the grip and pull off. Pull off, like I said. And with that, I’m going to now get the new grips.

The grips we’re going to install today are the pillow top tri-density ProTaper grips, available at BikeBandit. Really, if you don’t have control, what do you have? What I like to do is lay down some ProTaper grip glue. It’s already been applied to the ProTaper aluminum throttle tube. Get a little bit of contact cleaner, not too much because it could end up eating through your grip, and just basically put it on the tube, slide it on. And it’s very important to remove the air that you’ve accumulated by lifting up the edge. Put it on, stretch it on. Make sure you’re all the way on the end cap and you have a good feel. Put it on as much as you can, and voila. Now you have control, and now you’re able to decrease your lap times and put some wire on if you want.

So we’ve put some new grips on. The glue is dry and now you’re ready to go riding. And I’m Steve Matthes. That’s been the Transworld Motocross BikeBandit how-to of the week. Stay tuned next week for another little trick.

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