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Hi, I’m Steve Matthes, mechanic to the stars. Also the editor-at-large at Transworld Motocross. Here we are outside running a CRF 450 because today, with the help of Maxima Oil, we’re gonna show you how to do an oil change, and that’s this week’s Transworld Motocross “How To”, presented by Bike Bandit.

Alright, this being a Honda, and like I said earlier, oil in the motor and oil in the tranny. We’ve got some Maxima products here. Motorcycle transmission lube, guess what? That goes in the tranny. The motor lube is an ultra-performance, four-cycle motor. This has molly in it, so this is better for slippage and lubrication throughout the piston, the rings, and the crank, and everything else. So put the molly in the motor. Put the transmission without the molly into the transmission. Alright, we’ve got the bike inside here, and I always recommend running it to get the oil nice and hot, get it out easier. Honda’s have a couple of drain spots, one for the motor, one for the transmission. The transmission is back here. It’s a 12mm. And we’re gonna be doing a filter today as well. So just pull that out. We’ve got our drain pan ready, and always try to pull the washer off with it. And there we go. Makes a little bit of mess, but we’ll clean up. Now for the motor, down here on the stator…And we’re pulling that out, and there we go. There she blows.

We’re gonna do a filter in this bike also. So, the drain bolts are back in, and let’s take the old filter out. When you do a filter, you’re gonna need to add a bit more oil. There’s always a spring behind there that doesn’t come in the kit. So make sure you catch that. There’s the old filter. That’s no good anymore. Take this, clean it with contact cleaner, clean the spring out. You could even stick a rag in there, and wipe the excess oil away… Alright, we’ve got the new filter here. We’ve got the spring, gonna drop that in there. A good idea is to just use some new or used oil, coat that seal a little bit, just helps down the road, helps with install and initial startup. And you wanna just slide that filter in. Alright, spring is in, seal is in, seals been oiled a little bit, and I recommend doing the oil filter, no matter what brand it’s on, every second oil change. You don’t need to do it every oil change. So save yourself a little bit of money, do it every second time.

Alright, and then the motor side calls for 700cc’s. So we’ve got five right there…gonna do two more. Down the hatch she goes…And now for the tranny. And for the transmission side, it calls for a 1,000, which is one liter, a 1,000 milliliters, which is one liter. By the way, the Canadians enjoy the metric system, perhaps you Americans should look into it. Anyways, the entire 1,000 milliliters goes into the transmission side of a Honda. Nice, new oil, fresh ride thanks to Maxima. This Honda is ready to go. There’s an oil change for you on a Honda CRF 450, in this weeks Transworld Motocross “How To” presented by Bike Bandit. See ya next week.

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