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Hi, I’m Steve Mavis, you might have listened to one of my popular podcasts on Transworld Motocross. Well, this week on the Transworld How To, presented by BikeBandit, I’m gonna talk about your clutch cable and all the things you can do to make it better. You know how you are sitting there and you’ve got your bike and you pull your clutch lever and it’s kind of notchy and it doesn’t pull in very good, makes some creaks and some noises, well, I’m going to show you how to fix that, so that your clutch will be buttery smooth.

First thing you’re gonna wanna do is take your clutch cable off, give yourself slack in the lever up here and just simply turn it in so give yourself lots of play in your lever, that makes it easier. This is the Yamaha but any bike you have has a quick adjust levers that simply peel all that back, give yourself lots of room to get in there, and you can take off your lever with a couple of wrenches. And this is the Yamaha so I’m gonna have to remove that hot start, up here, remove the hot start as well. All right, I’ve got the bolt out, cut myself lots of slack here. See how grungey that is in there. Someone here at Transworld hasn’t been doing their homework, and cleaning it and maintaining it like they should. So, I am going to show them the right way to clean this. All right. The perch is pretty dirty here, you can certainly take it off the bar. No wonder why I don’t have a factory job anymore, I can just simply spray this here.

Now, in the self-adjusting, or the adjustable clutches, lots of crap gets in there. It gets pretty dirty, clean it all out. It’s a reverse thread, as I’ve seem to forgotten now. If you have assembly lube, feel free to assembly lube this thing. I’m just gonna put a little bit of grease on it. Cut the lever off, I’ve got the rubbers off, I’m gonna clean that patch out real good and reassemble that. You can take your clutch lever and drop it in like that, as well. Now you have to loosen the bottom. You’ve got yourself lots of slack down there. There’s always an adjuster bolt, it looks like a 12-millimeter. So you wanna take that off, break that loose.

The number one thing about factory bikes when most people get on them is they can’t believe how nice the controls are, throttle and clutch and hot start and everything. So, what we’re gonna show you here is how to do that. So there you go, you’ve disconnected it from that, you’ve got lots of slack in there, you’re blocking that off. Because you’ve taken the top off, this goal gets really easy. So now the cable is ready for lubing. If you’re gonna change your clutch cable, which we’re not gonna do today, pay attention to the special routing of it and how it goes in and where it goes in, and you’ll want to definitely make it the same way. On this Yamaha, it’s pretty much a straight shot down, some of them tuck in behind the radiators, but basically pay special attention to that. It’s easy to kink the clutch cable and that will affect performance.

So, got my cable luber here, cable luber available, any of your local dealers or BikeBandit. And, this is a a messy job but I’m a messy guy. So, tighten that up, put the cable in there. Because it’s a messy job, you’ll wanna put a rag on the bottom, down here, otherwise you’ll go over your grass floor or your stand, and you’ll wanna use a rag up top here. Use the red spray that you always take and toss in the garbage. Get yourself a red spray, nozzle for your contact cleaner. And the first thing you wanna do is spray contact cleaner down into the cable to clean it out, clean all the old junk out, all the old grease, all the old dirt and everything in, here’s where your rag comes into place. You can pull it up, and work the cable up and down.

Another tip you can do is make it a little easier on yourself, cut the red tube, make it a little shorter, give yourself a little better leverage on that. Right now you can see the contact has gotten into the bottom of the cable, it’s pouring out all the dirt and grime. And I’m working the cable up and down to get the contact cleaner all the away down the cable. Continue this for, oh I don’t now, a few minutes or so, you’ll see you’ll need your rag up on top to protect it.

All right, got some grease on here, got it all cleaned up with contact cleaner, and simply going to put it back into the perch, again with the reverse red, so that will go the other way. What you’re gonna wanna do is spray this or turn this, I should say, as close as you can, into the bar, It will help for… See how it’s tight there? Well, now I wanna back it off and line up those two grooves right there, to make the clutch lever go in, and now easy. All right, I’ve put the clutch cable back into the holder, back into the clutch arm there, and really basically snug it up, here. Install the bottom before the top, if you do the top before the bottom, it’s kind of a pain in the butt. Snug that up, put the rubber booty back on, it helps protect the cable.

All right, so we’re at the top here, we’re going to install clutch. Don’t forget to reinstall your booty, adjustable booty and the perch itself to put on exactly the way it was. Okay. So basically line it up here, there you go, pull this through. I’ve cleaned the lever, I’ve cleaned this off, I’ve gotten a lot of the dirt out of there, greased it up to make it all nice and smooth, I’ve lubricated the cable. This is gonna be factory bike like-ish pull, clutch pull here. And, wind it all up.

I’ve taken all the slack out of it, and that’s the real key, is take the slack out of the perch, makes your life a whole lot easier, pay attention to which order it goes back together. Don’t tighten down your bolt on the clutch all the way because you’ll it’ll affect the drag on the lever. So what I do is just, first I get the right size wrench, so just tighten the bottom nut up while you hold the top bolt, tighten the bottom bolt up snug you don’t need to reef on it, it’s gotta be able to move. And then you have it, this thing. Put it back together, now you’ve got pretty good slop in there. So give yourself a little bit of play. Very important adjusting, don’t give yourself…don’t take all the play out of the clutch, and don’t leave too little play. A little quarter inch is good or so. That’s about right. Feels buttery smooth I gotta say.

Reinstall your hot start on the top with the bolts. There you have it, folks. One factory rider smooth clutch, it will help you out there on the track, plus it’ll impress your buddies when they just grab the clutch. It’s that easy to make your bike factory. Thank you for watching the Transworld How Tos, presented by BikeBandit, and we will see you next week.

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