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Hi, I’m Steve Matthes. Welcome to TransWorld MotoCross How To presented by Bike Bandit.

Hi, I’m Steve Matthes, TransWorld Motocross’ editor at large. This week on the TransWorld MotoCross How To presented by Bike Bandit, I’m gonna show you how to put on bars, put the control back where you are, put some new grips on and wire them, all in one shot. You know what they say, power is nothing without control. I’m gonna show you how to control that power.

And just loosen them like so. You remember what I was saying about just loosening your throttle? Well, here’s the part where it comes in handy. You just simply pull it off. So you’ve got the bars off the bike. What you can do while you have it off, is just get some contact cleaner and spray down your throttle, kinda clean it out a little bit because no doubt it hasn’t been done in a while. It’s kind of an easy way to get it clean while you’re doing the bar change. Take your new bars ProTaper, EVO bars and basically line them up in your clamps. What you want to do at this point, take your throttle and slide it on because you’d already taken it off from there. Install your plate. A lot of times bar mounts have an arrow or a notch on them indicating which way is the front, and on this Suzuki there’s an arrow there, almost every bike will have a dot right there or an arrow.

Very important to make sure you have that towards the front of the motor cycle. It helps in the clamping process because the front sometimes is a little stepped up from the back, so keep that in mind. You don’t need to do…No need to make sure right now that everything’s perfect. You’ve just got to line it up. Smooth your carpenters, you know what I mean and basically, start tightening everything down from there. I’ve got it all snug, now I want to start putting the controls on. When you’re putting your throttle on, be careful. Don’t jam it all the way to the end of the bar. What I like to do, what I did to Tim Ferry’s [SP] bike, is I jam it all the way and just simply pull it back a little bit. In that way it won’t get stuck while you turn the throttle, it gets stuck on the, on the bar. A lot of bikes come with a spacer here between the stuck front break master cylinder and the throttle. Lot of people throw it out. I say run it though, it’s there for a reason. It’s there is to keep your break from jamming into your, into your throttle, so I say run it.

And then you want to install your front break. This one have the front break slash hot start. So as you’re tightening up this, again you don’t need to tighten everything absolute, you’re gonna adjust it all later. Just get it snug, get it somewhere into position that you need it to be and then you can go from there. Now when you’re putting on your kill switch, an important trick to know is put the screw head facing down. That’s the way it comes stuck and that’s the way it’s mounted but some people forget that and they put the screw threads sticking down. That’s a bad thing because what can happen is on a crash or you come up short on something and you end up driving the end of this screw into your thigh which isn’t a good feeling. So always put the screw here as you can see, put the head of the screw facing down and your thighs will thank you for it later.

And then finally, your clutch. And pay attention to how the cables are routed at the same time, make sure you don’t get those wrong everybody. The best bet when you adjust your bars and your levers, take the bike off the stand and sit on it. That’s seems to be the best way for everybody. So again you are just snugging everything up. All right, so I’m gonna install the ProTaper aluminum throttle tube. Kawis and Suzukis have the stuck grip vulcanized to the tube which makes for a hell of a lot of fun taking it off. A lot of times what you can do is just install aluminum throttle tube and it works a little better, protects you from crash damage if you have a race. I’ve had a rider DNF from a plastic throttle tube in Europe so they do break. Put a little bit of lube there. I use some Maxima MPPL, you can use the assembly lube as well.

And basically, what you want to do is align everything up. Now, the fine folks down here at TransWorld don’t have that good collection of screws but what I like to do generally is on the OEMs, take this screw. It’s a five millimeter thread, and go down to your local store, or look in your storage compartments. And I like to change it out with an eight millimeter head, just makes it a little easier instead of the stuck Phillips screw, But for now, this bike is fairly new and the stuck Phillips screw will work. Don’t forget to put all the housings back in place and we’re getting ready for grips. All right, when you install new bars like I said you wanna make sure the front is tight first. And simply snug up the back. You can always look and see at the front here there will be no gap. The aluminum will be tight to each other and on the back, a small gap is okay. But again make sure the front is tight. And then you can cross these, you can tighten them in a cross manner as well. Now we’re gonna put wire on.

I prefer a diameter of about 0.32, diameter 0.25, you can also use that. MSR sells it this way and also some really handy dandy safety wire pliers. It makes your life a whole lot easier. I suggest investing in some of these. Again bikebandit.com. And when I wire the grip, I cut enough to do two loops. If you do one loop, and you tighten it down, a lot of time they can cut through the grip. So I do enough for two loops and basically take it around there and loop it around. Try not to cross it. So I’ve looped the wire twice and grab it with the pliers, you lock it in place. And look at that folks, just magic and bring it up. Make sure you’re in the groove. We’ve done a grip install in another video so if you wanna know how to install a grip the proper way, you can check that out in the previous episode and just… the trick is to just get it tight enough to where you don’t snap the wire.

So right there, it’s tight and you can use the same pliers to get in there to cut the excess wire off, like that. Then use the end, and fold it up into the grips. Tim Ferry used to tell me all the time I didn’t push it enough into the grips but to that I say, “Screw you Timmy, I did.” And you want to repeat that across the grip couple of times, I do three times. You can do a loop in the middle and then a loop at the very end, some people go into the beginning and at the end but no matter what you do, double wrap it always and use this pliers, makes life a whole lot easier. I’m Steve Matthes and that’s your TransWorld MotoCross How To, presented by Bike Bandit this week.

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