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You know, there are some mounts to your bike that cost money but some are free and take just a bit of time with minimal tools needed. For you dirt bike folks out there, here’s an easy one.

Since there’s five points of contacts with your motorcycle, those areas should get a little special attention. Be it for comfort or performance, of course, we’re talking about your handle bars and grips, your seat and your footpegs. Your footpegs and the grip they provide are crucial for riding a motorcycle. The market offers a few different styles of footpegs. Some are wider for more surface area, some articulate front and back, some have replaceable pins but they all do one major thing and that’s to give you, the rider, a solid platform on which to place your feet. For those of you with traditional pegs, over time, the teeth on your pegs will start to round themselves off. It’s a super easy task to bring them back to life, let’s dive in.

You can do this task with a bike on the kickstand but it’s easier to work on the left side of the bike if you put it up on a race stand. If you like, you can actually remove the footpegs from the bike and let’s say put them on a vise. But that’s not really necessary as they are already being firmly held by the mounts themselves and you can bring the tools to the task. There are many different tools that can be used to sharpen up your pegs but a standard file is what we recommend for novices. An angle grinder will be faster for sure but one must be very intimate with the tool. Knowing how fast it works, the coarseness of the grinding wheel surface etc. is crucial. Personally, I like to use a Dremel. Remember that there is only so much material to a footpeg. So when they get too thin, they’ll need to be replaced. Also, remember that there’s always a trade-off. Having sharp footpegs will give you better grip on the bike but they’ll also accelerate wear on the soles of your boots.

So there you have it, a quick tip to keep you in better contact and control of your machine. When you feel yourself lacking grip on your footpegs, breakout your file and remember the tip that you learned in the BikeBandit Garage and treat yourself to a new found level of footpeg grip.



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