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Male: And today we’re gonna be talking all about these awesome lithium battery portable power supplies. They say you can do everything from charge your phone, to jump-start a truck with these things, but we’re actually gonna put them to the test here at BikeBandit Garage, so stay tuned. So we see a lotta cool stuff here at BikeBandit. But one thing that’s had us all talking lately, is these portable lithium battery power packs. They look tiny but these things pack a punch. All three of them come with car battery attachments, so you can actually jump-start a car, motorcycle, or other vehicle with them if you or a friend get stranded.

Now, for comparison sake, take a look at this. This is how portable jump-starters looked just a few years ago, and this is what they look like now. While being able to jump-start cars is a great safety feature to have, what you’re more than likely gonna need on a regular basis is to keep things charged. We’ve all been stuck miles from home with a dead camera when the perfect photo pops up, or worse with a dead phone when you really need to get in touch with someone. These situations aren’t just frustrating, they’re actually dangerous.


What is this? How do I use it?


So the most useful features on these power packs for day-to-day use is really the ability to keep all your devices charged. Smartphones, Ipads, GoPros, you name it. If it’s rechargeable, these things can charge it, and not just once, but several times over. And because these are lithium-ion batteries, they charge fast, but lose only about 10% of their charge a year. That means you can through one of these in a pack, saddlebag, or just your trunk, and forget about it until the time comes when you need it. So let’s break these down one by one, so you can get an idea of what each of them can do.

First is the Antigravity XP-1 Micro-Start, which comes in at about the $150 price point, and it has a ton of features. First, it has a jump-start port that supplies 200 amps and 400 PEAK amps of starting power. So you can start just about every gas powered vehicle on the road. But it also has multiple charging ports. You’ve got a 19 volt port for laptops, a 12 volt port for all sorts of 12 volt devices, and a 5 volt USB port for anything with a USB cable. You can charge it with a regular wall charger or inside your vehicle with this 12 volt cigarette lighter charger. In addition, it has a super bright LED flashlight with multiple flashing modes. So you can use it for light or as a distress signal if you get stuck on the side of the road. Now I’ll check out what this thing can do on a single charge. It can start a [inaudible 00:02:45] up to a dozen times in a row, it can start smaller cars up to 30 times in a row, and it can start motorcycles up to 50 times in a row. And when it comes to charging your smaller devices, the XP-1 can charge a cell phone six or seven times, or run a laptop for up to two hours. Best of all, the XP-1 is small and it weighs only 12 ounces. So you can easily store it under your passenger seat, or in a saddlebag, or back pack.

Next up we have the Ballistic Back-Pack Backup Power Supply, which comes in at $130 price point. This has very similar features to the XP-1, but in a smaller package. It can also start full-sized vehicles, and it still has a five volt USB port with multiple adapters, and the LED flashlight. There are three main differences between this one and the bigger XP-1. This one does not have have the 19 volt charging port for a laptop that the XP-1 has. It’s also smaller. This one is about 10 ounces, compared to the XP-1’s 12, and the dimensions are more compact. This one also does not have as many adapters for different devices, but you do still get all the USB style plugs.

Finally, we have this Lil Lightening Ultra Slim Jumpstart Pack at the $100 price point. Again, this has enough juice in it to start a car and you can jump-start motorcycles or powersport vehicles up to 20 times. Like the others, this also has a five volt USB port with multiple adapters. So you can charge your devices and the multi-mode LED flashlight. The best thing about this one is that it’s truly tiny. It weighs only eight ounces, and at five and a half by three inches, it has similar dimensions to a smartphone with a case on it. You really could carry this in your pocket if you wanted to. And even with all the attachments, it would easily fit into the tail section of a sport bike. Now all this stuff sounds great, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t actually see them work. So now we’re gonna put these things to the test, first on a motorcycle, and then on a full-sized pick up. So let’s get started.

Male 2: We’ll begin the test by completely removing the battery from the motorcycle. Next we’ll take the first power pack, the Antigravity XP-1, and connect it to the battery terminals with the jumper cables. As you can see, it starts right up. Next we’ll start this full-sized pickup with the battery completely disconnected. Once again, it starts right up. Next we’ll repeat the test with the Ballistic Back-Pack,, first on the bike, then on the truck. Finally, we’ll do the smallest power pack, the LiL Lightning Ultra Slim, first on the bike, then on the truck.

Male 1: Okay guys, now you see what these things can really do. So whether you just ride around town, or go on multi-day off-road trips totally off the grid, it’s really gonna be a great idea for you to have one of these with you. And while these are awesome for motorcycle riders, they’re definitely not only for riders. Anyone who needs power while far from home can use one of these. It would be a great idea to get one of these for your wife or girlfriend’s car, or for your kids or parents too. The bottom line is, as much as we depend on electronics these days, it’s essential to have a backup source of power. It’s not just about convenience, but it’s about safety, and we think one of these is something every one should have.

If you found this video helpful or informative, please let us know in the comments. And don’t be afraid to hit us with any questions you might have too. And remember to please subscribe to our channel for more helpful motorcycles videos like this in your inbox every week. Thanks a lot for watching and we’ll see you next time. All right, that’s a wrap.


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