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Hi, my name is Chris Borich. We’re here at the G N C C race in Snowshoe, West Virginia. We’re here to talk about the tire set up for the race. These are the Maxxis Razr Rears and the Razr2 Fronts.

I know all the pros usually run these tires. I’ve actually won all my championships with these tires. It’s the most popular set up for Maxxis tires for the cross country racing. The Razr Rears are just unbelievable tire, earth shattering. There’s really nothing out there that compares to it right now and just one of the best tires.

The Razr Rear is most versatile in Maxxis’ lineup for intermediate and hard packed surfaces. The Maxxis Razr Rear is unbelievable. Like, sliding into a corner, you can predict the tire at any time during the race conditions. The forward hookup off the start is unbelievable. You actually, you gotta use the clutch a little bit to control it. In our type of racing we go through a lot of mud holes, hill climbs, and there isn’t a better tire out there than the Maxxis Razr Rear to get me up the hills and through the mud holes.

Maxxis Razr Rears also come in a 6 ply tire, which we usually run. Going through the rocks and everything like that, we very rarely get a puncture in the tire, so it’s probably one of the best tires for a rocky condition. The tires we run are off the shelf and ready to rock. I run the 20 x 11 x 9, but they also come in a lineup up to the desert size tires. These things also rule in the desert. I actually ran a desert race, and they worked awesome out there.

You can’t beat the Razr2 Front for control and confidence going in the corners. The Razr2 Front also has a real tall center line that also works really well in flat corners and ruts. This tire is very predictable in ruts. It doesn’t do anything funny. As soon as you enter a rut, it just stays right through it. In fact, how deep the knobs are, it actually helps out with breaking a lot. In a lot of racing, breaking is huge coming into the corners, and you can’t beat this tire for breaking and making the pass in corners. I know exactly how the Front’s gonna bite during breaking. The Razr2 Fronts are super durable. Got a real strong carcass that can hold up through rocks, roots, or anything we throw at it at the G N C C racing.

I ride Maxxis tires because they’re the best tire out there for all types of terrains as far as trail riding, racing, or whatever you’re just out doing. If you’re looking for the best tire, Maxxis tire is your hookup.



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