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Hi Everyone, I wish to share a few of the photos from the recent Vietnam trip. A full story of the trip will appear in the American Motorcyclist Association magazine, so keep an eye out for it. In the meanwhile, here are some of the photo highlights. The trip was pretty amazing with lots of sights to see, people to meet and food to try. Riding a motorcycle through Vietnam is definitely one of those bucket list type of experiences.

We spent one night in Hanoi, here is a street scene as viewed from a second story café

Bustling outdoor market in Hanoi

Tour Guide Thon gives us our instructions before we head out into Hanoi traffic

We had an audience while changing a flat tire on the first ride day leaving Hanoi

Taking a break from the heat and humidity at a roadside coffee house

This is one of three Homestays we visited, open air sleeping.

Serene lake framed by mountains of marble

Exploring a valley of rice and tea with our guide Thon

As we reached the mountains of the north, the views just got more spectacular

Local children were shy at first, but warmed up quick

Plenty of hidden valleys surrounded by mountains and crossed by farmers trails

This was the only path to reach a remote community of small farms

The Amazing views just keep coming

Not all tour groups were quite as prepared as ours. There was at least one skinned knee in this group

We crossed this river at least 10 times one afternoon, lots of fun

There were numerous unusual bridge crossings

These are Karst Limestone formations, very common in the north

Ban Gioc Falls on the China border

This trail was particularly sloppy and didn’t smell at that good either

Our bikes go for a boat ride on Lake Ba Be

Sampling street food was one of our favorite activities. This photo is in Saigon.

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