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We took all the important information about what to look for when buying motorcycle tires, and boiled it all down to the bare essentials that every rider needs to know. Share it, link it, pin it, or email it…we’re here to help you!

what to look for when buying motorcycle tires infographic

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This is just the bare minimum that every rider should know about the tiny patches of rubber keeping their motorcycle upright. Want more information? Ready to shop for tires and find the right ones for you? Check out our featured article, How to Choose Motorcycle Tires, for detailed information on how to find the perfect tires for you and your bike, including finding the right tire type, choosing the right sizes, and helpful tips to get the most our of your tires.

Ready to shop for yours? BikeBandit.com is known to make shopping for motorcycle tires fast and easy; go straight to our Online Tires & Tubes Store, and see why we’re the web’s motorcycle tire leaders!


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