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Placing Your First Order

Placing an order with BikeBandit.com is easy. First find the items you'd like to purchase, then add the items to your shopping cart. When you're ready to check out just follow the instructions onscreen to complete your order. There's no need to create an account before you begin shopping. Most orders ship within 3-5 business days, though sometimes unexpected delays caused by a manufacturer can result in a delay (for more information please see Tracking Your Order below).

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Finding Items

BikeBandit.com was designed so anyone could locate and order the parts and accessories they need within five or six clicks. To get started, just click on one of the five large shopping boxes on our homepage: OEM Parts, Aftermarket Parts, Apparel & Accessories or Tools & Manuals. Not sure which box to click? Read on:

OEM Parts - Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts are the parts that were on the machine when it was purchased new from the manufacturer. BikeBandit.com can supply you with any new parts the manufacturer currently makes for your machine. If a part has been discontinued, we will not be able to acquire it. Once you click on the OEM Parts box, you'll be asked to enter the year, make and model of your machine. Next you'll see a list of schematic diagrams for your machine that you can browse to find all the OEM parts you need. Once you have navigated to your specific machine type, it will automatically be added to your Garage, allowing for one-click access to your machine on future visits!

If you know the OEM part number of the items you need, you can use the BikeBandit.com Part Number Search to instantly check availability and pricing. Just click on the Part Number Search button and enter the part numbers to get started.

Aftermarket Parts - Here you'll find a complete offering of performance and replacement parts from air filters and brakes to complete exhaust systems and windshields. BikeBandit.com carries products from a huge variety of manufacturers and is continuously adding new and updated items. Once you click on the Aftermarket Parts box, you'll be asked to select the product category that best matches the item you're looking for.

Apparel & Accessories - Click here to shop our selection of helmets, rain gear, goggles, gloves, off-road protective gear and tons more.

Tools & Manuals - BikeBandit.com offers repair manuals for just about every machine on or off the road. Plus we've also got all the tools you'll need - all right here!

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Adding Items to Your Shopping Cart

Once you've found an item you'd like to purchase you'll need to add the item to your Shopping Cart. Simply enter the quantity and click the Add to Cart button - you'll then be taken to your Shopping Cart, where you can either begin the checkout process or continue shopping. If you'd like to continue shopping to add more items to your Shopping Cart, you may either click "Return to Previous Page" or "Shopping Home". To complete your order click the Checkout button. You can view the contents of your Shopping Cart at any time by clicking the Shopping Cart icon at the top of every page.

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Signing In

Before you can add an item to your shopping cart you will need to sign in. Most visitors returning to BikeBandit.com will be automatically signed in. If you aren't using your own computer and were automatically logged in to someone else's account, just click "Change User" located in the "Manage Your Account" box on the left side of the BikeBandit.com home page. If you already have a BikeBandit.com account, simply enter your email address and password in the login box, otherwise click the "Do you need to create an account?" link. Forgot your password? No problem - just click the "Forgot Password" link directly near the login boxes and we'll email it to you instantly.

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Proceeding to Checkout

You may proceed to checkout and complete your order at any time. First click on the Shopping Cart icon at the top of the screen and make sure your Shopping Cart contains everything you'd like to order, then click the Checkout button located just to the left of the Shopping Cart sub-total. This will start the checkout procedure where you'll enter your shipping and billing information.

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Entering a Shipping Address

In the first step of the checkout process, we'll ask where you'd like us to ship your order. The system will automatically bring up the address information you provided when you set up your account, though you can enter another address if you'd like. Please note that BikeBandit.com is usually unable to ship to PO boxes. Many Post Offices will not accept larger parcels and will return such packages to the sender, a process that can take several weeks. If you provide a PO Box as your shipping address, the BikeBandit.com's One Call Resolution Team Team will contact you for a complete street shipping address. If you are certain that your Post Office accepts larger parcels (we know that some of you regularly receive large packages at your PO Box), please let the Customer Service Team know and we will be happy to ship your order to the PO Box address provided.

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Shipping Options / International Shipping

Also within the first step of the checkout process, we'll ask which shipping method you'd prefer. BikeBandit.com offers a choice of two shipping methods for most orders: Ground and Express. For orders under $20.00 in value, we provide super-discounted ground shipping for a flat fee of just $6.95. For larger orders, our Ground shipping charge is a flat $8.95. BikeBandit.com charges a flat $27.95 fee for Express shipping. Orders shipped Ground may be sent by UPS or USPS. Orders sent Express will be shipped using a premium service such as UPS 2nd Day Service or USPS Priority Mail. Large or heavy orders may only be shipped Ground. BikeBandit.com may ask for authorization for additional shipping charges for oversized or heavy orders.

International orders will be shipped by UPS. All duties, taxes and brokerage fees are included in the order total.

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Entering a Billing Address

Also within the first step of the checkout process, we'll ask for your billing information. Leave the "My shipping address is the same as my billing address" checkbox checked if that's the case, otherwise, uncheck the box and fill in your billing address. Your billing address is where you receive your credit card statement.

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Providing a Method of Payment

In the final step of the checkout process, we'll ask for your credit card information. We accept American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa credit/debit cards, Bill Me Later (BML), and PayPal. Please enter your card number or Account number without any spaces or dashes. Please also enter the three or four digit security code printed on either the front or the back of your credit card. Please note that your card won't be charged until we ship your order, however, a portion of your available balance will be reserved by your financial institution.

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Tracking Your Order

BikeBandit.com has developed the best online real-time order tracking system in the powersports industry! To view the status of any of your orders, just log in to www.BikeBandit.com and select View Order History from directly under your name on the left side of the screen. You will be able to see every order you have placed with BikeBandit.com along with the status of each item ordered.

There are six different status designations for each item you've ordered:

  1. Pending – the item has been ordered from the manufacturer or supplier and we are awaiting confirmation that it is available.
  2. On Order – the item is in transit from the manufacturer or supplier.
  3. Shipped – BikeBandit.com has already shipped the item to you!
  4. Cross-Shipped – the item is not available from the manufacturer or supplier's main US warehouse but is in transit from an alternate warehouse. This will usually add 1-4 business days to our normal order fulfillment time. BikeBandit.com will wait for cross-shipped items before shipping your order.
  5. Backorder – the item is currently out of stock in all of the manufacturers' US warehouses but is still in production and is therefor not considered discontinued. BikeBandit.com will ship all non-backordered parts as soon as possible and will ship the backordered item(s) - when it arrives from the manufacturer - by ground service at no additional charge. If the backordered item does not arrive within 25 days, it will be cancelled from your order.
  6. Not Available – the item is no longer in production and has been discontinued by the manufacturer. BikeBandit.com isn't able to acquire discontinued parts!

If your order has already been shipped, the View Order History page will display the package tracking information from UPS or USPS. This page will also show the amount billed to your credit or debit card. Our customer service team will be happy to answer any specific questions you have regarding your order, but the View Order History page is a great way to quickly check on order status and get tracking details.

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Combining Orders / Adding Items to Your Order

Unfortunately orders cannot be combined nor can items be added to an existing order. The BikeBandit.com system automatically routes orders to our suppliers based on their previous performance. This means that two orders from the same customer placed seconds apart may actually be routed to and filled by two different suppliers. We cannot add parts into an existing order because BikeBandit.com does not store credit card data online for security purposes.

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Canceling an Order

If you need to cancel an order (or a part of an order), send an email to [email protected] or click on the Live Support button below. Please be sure to provide us with the order ID! BikeBandit.com works extremely hard to fill orders in the shortest amount of time possible. Orders for OEM parts may be cancelled with no restocking fee within one hour of being placed. After one hour, cancelled orders for OEM parts are subject to restocking fees of 20% of the merchandise value. Orders for all other parts may be cancelled with no restocking fee provided the order hasn't already entered the shipping process!

Why does BikeBandit.com charge restocking fees on cancelled OEM parts orders? We return all cancelled OEM parts to the manufacturer and in doing so face two charges: the cost to return the item to the manufacturer and a restocking fee charged to us by the manufacturer. BikeBandit.com will cover this return shipping expense but we pass on a portion of the restocking fee charged to us by the manufacturer.

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One Call Resolution Contacts

We do our best to answer all the frequently asked questions in the topics outlined above. If your question hasn't been completely addressed, use the links below to contact our One Call Resolution department.

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