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About Our Best Honda CB350 Parts

Get the parts you need for your Honda CB350, and get them quickly when you shop at BikeBandit.com. We stock a full range of Honda CB350 parts and accessories that will help you with minor repairs or major overhauls. We offer a low-price guarantee on all o

Turn Back Time With New Honda CB350 Parts

For most riders, the day they see their first classic motorcycle is the day they fall in love for the first time. The nostalgia of your Honda CB350 lets you ride back through time whenever you go tearing down the road. Whether you keep the original specs or love the look of a café racer, your CB350 has a style that modern bikes just can’t beat. When it comes time to break out the tools, BikeBandit.com has the Honda CB350 parts that bring out the beast in your beauty.

Vintage Tire Look With Modern Performance

BikeBandit.com has a tire for every kind of rider. We have cost-effective tires that still sport excellent durability. If you want better handling, the Metzeler Block-C Motorcycle Tire is designed for cruising and supports a much heavier hog than your CB350. All of our tires have that great vintage look that sets off the classic lines of your bike.

Accessories for the Uncommon Rider

Bikes should be as unique as their owners. Broadcast your personality by going custom with our Honda CB350 accessories. Rock the original 70s look or give your CB350 a modern touch with a few new additions. Install a set of air-pocket grips that reduce vibration without looking like something your grandma would put on her walker. Want your honey to stop telling you to brush your teeth after every ride? BikeBandit.com has windshields that install quickly and easily.

Original Parts for an Original Bike

The joy of riding a vintage bike is only made sweeter by the pleasure of keeping it road-ready. We’ve got thousands of parts straight from the original manufacturer. OEM parts are perfect if you’re looking to restore a recent purchase to the original factory specs. BikeBandit.com’s Honda CB350 OEM parts fit like a riding glove and add reliability to a vintage bike.

Aftermarket for More Options

Sometimes aftermarket is the road to ride. Whether you’re looking to boost performance or separate your machine from the pack, our aftermarket parts fit your needs. Try a new BikeMaster Lithium Ion battery for higher cranking amps with a third of the weight of a lead acid battery. BikeBandit.com is here to make sure you find the right part for the ultimate experience.

Great Service With Real Passion

We offer the best customer service around because we’re just like you: gearheads who love the machines we ride. When you need Honda CB350 parts, our website matches everything in our inventory to your exact model. And check out our best price guarantee so that you know you’re getting the lowest price around.



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