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ITP - ATV Tires, Wheels & Rims

While you may spend a significant amount of time thinking of ways to outfit your machine, you shouldn’t ignore its tires. At BikeBandit.com, we have the ITP products you need to get the most out of your machine. + more- less

Your rig’s tires are its first line of defense against off-road hazards and trail obstacles. If you are in the market for new rims or tires, you should know about ITP. As an industry leader, the company sells high-performance components for your dynamic vehicle.

To ride like a boss, you depend on all your ATV’s systems to function optimally. Whether you just bought your ATV or have owned it for years, you may want to upgrade its stock rims. Since high-performance rims determine your rig’s output, the importance of having the right set is hard to overstate. ITP makes rims for a variety of off-road objectives. Remember, rims make the difference.

Tires You Can Trust

Getting stuck is part of the fun of hitting the trail in your ATV or UTV. Still, you don’t want to stay stuck forever. There is something innovative and exciting about ITP tires. That is, the company makes tires for a variety of off-road challenges. Use our buyer’s guide to determine which set is right for your trail goals. If you need a bit of additional assistance, we are happy to help. Our parts experts know everything there is to know about ITP tires. Chat with us to be certain you are making the best possible purchase for your machine.

Qualify for Free Shipping

If you are looking for where to buy ITP for sale, you have come to right place. Here at BikeBandit.com, we proudly sell a complete line of ITP tires and wheels. As the world’s largest online seller of motorcycle parts and accessories, we pass savings directly through to you. The result is affordable pricing and great deals on top-notch components. To stretch your riding dollar even further, spend at least $99 to qualify for free shipping. When you order from us, you never have to put off essential projects. Take a look at our extensive selection and order some new tires or rims for your machine today.

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BikeBandit.com offers a huge selection of ITP tires, rims, and wheels for ATVs. With the most competitive prices, great customer service, and real-time shipment tracking, BikeBandit.com will get you back to riding faster.

Find the right tires and rims for your ATV by filtering results by machine make and model. BikeBandit.com is committed to delivering you the best selection of ATV tires and wheels by ITP. Get over $99 in product and get free shipping!

ITP Tires for ATVs and UTVs

If it’s got wheels and you can ride it, ITP probably makes a killer set of tires for it. After over 30 years of experience, this company turns out quality tires and wheels from its Tennessee plants.

Superior Designs

These products are known for being light, yet durable. ITP ATV tires feature revolutionary treads for unique applications. For instance, you can find cavernous treads on its mud tires for maximum dirt displacement with superior traction.

Great Tires With Free Shipping

We don’t just want to send you ITP UTV tires, we want to do it for free. Whenever you purchase $99 or more in a single order, BikeBandit.com offers fast shipping at no extra charge.



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