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REV'IT! Parts & Accessories

Beyond helmets, jackets and pants, there's a plethora of hidden layers that the pros use to enhance their comfort and last longer on the road. We carry protective gear from REV'IT!, Fox, Moose Racing and many more brands. + more- less

Have you ever wondered why some of your riding buddies seem to last forever on the road, even for hours after you're starting to get ready to call it a day? They could know something about Rev It products that you don't yet. Many riders jump right to mechanical solutions to solve their fatigue issues, to the extent that they might even switch to a bike they assume is more comfortable. The real secret behind your fellow rider's stamina could be something much simpler: appropriate gear. Tackle bad weather or long rides with style by upgrading what you wear.

If you already know about Rev It, technically called REV'IT!, then you know that the company is a leader in high-end motorcycle clothing. They offer gear in three main categories:

  • Urban
  • Adventure
  • Sport

Safety Looks Great

Regardless of which category you choose, the REV'IT! catalog is aimed towards letting you get the protection and comfort you need in any situation. Along with the surface-level equipment you'd expect from a biking gear company, such as tear-resistant jackets and reinforced pants, keep an eye out for several outfit upgrades you might not be looking for right off the bat:

  • Rain gear
  • Cooling under layers
  • Moisture control garments
  • Protective padding

This company knows layers, so take a look at their products if you're taking a long trip, heading into inclement weather or just looking for a subtle comfort upgrade.

If you're looking for where to buy Rev It for sale, then check out our selection here at BikeBandit.com. We make a point of having the best value in the business when it comes to motorcycle parts, but we also offer great prices on equipment and clothing for riders like you. We want to make sure that, after you're finished up with your enhancements and repairs, you're ready to look great out on the road. We care about our customers; that's why we make sure to carry high-quality gear brands that not only make you look great but keep you safe as well.

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The REV’IT! Mission

In 1997, only two years after its inception, REV’IT! made its first leather suit, and riders quickly took notice of the high-quality fit and protection. They’ve been sponsoring riders ever since to highlight the importance of wearing a leather racing suit for protection.

First-Hand Knowledge

In 2008, REV’IT! began working to expand and revolutionize their products by working with professional riders who are particularly meticulous. Randy De Puniet, their first collaborator, was a huge help in providing feedback and suggestions for improving REV’IT! motorcycle parts.

A Variety of Wares

REV’IT! knows that riders come in all shapes and sizes with varying needs, so they manufacture their gear accordingly. REV’IT! produces boots, vests, jackets, gloves, pants, hip protectors, neck collars, and more for men and women.

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