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Thor Motorcycle Riding Boots

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Thor Motorcycle Riding Boots

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About Our Best Thor Motorcycle Riding Boots

Ride a Little Harder

The first day you took your dirtbike or ATV for a spin, you babied it. Well, at least for the first hour or so. Isn’t it true that the more you know your machine, the more willing you are to push it to its limits? There’s this thing called muscle memory, and it’s working through your fingers, hands, neck, head, torso, legs and…pretty much everywhere. It’s the same skill that enables you to type without looking at the keyboard. When you get ahold of a pair of Thor motorcycle riding boots, you’ll have one more reason to press that ground a little harder.

Ladies First

Did you know that Thor motorcycle riding boots are available in women’s sizes? That’s right, so forget trying to figure out which size of men’s shoes you’d need for a good fit. The Women's Blitz was made with female calf and foot dimensions. They armor your feet, ankles and shins against the rocks and roots you encounter on trails. Not to mention these boots look as good as they feel.

Keep the Men From Crying

That cut you got on the last ride? It wasn’t all that bad, but you enjoyed the sympathy you received after. Being tough is one thing, but it’s never a bad idea to protect sensitive areas of your body from harm. If you want a solid, low-cut option that beats sneakers any day check out the Blitz LS. Genuine leather and plastic injection molding make these clear winners in the budget category. For full height at a comparable price, Thor provides the Blitz ATV and MX. Great traction, molded shin plates and steel shank insert outsoles are just a few features that make these popular choices. For the ultimate fit, comfort and style, look no further than the bio-foam lined Thor Ratchet. These boots are so strong and flexible you could probably take them to the moon.

One Place to Buy

You work hard for your money, and we believe you should save as much of it as possible. After all, riding a motorcycle or ATV doesn’t come free. Good quality, competitively-priced gear can make your trips safer and more pleasant. BikeBandit.com helps riders decide between their options by encouraging customers to review their purchases. Buying online also saves you time, another valuable commodity. Browse our site whenever it’s convenient, put in your order and get it delivered to your doorstep. It sure beats waiting in line or trying to explain what you want over the phone.

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