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Get Jackets & Vests at the best prices and get riding with Free Shipping on orders over $99. Find the features you need in a range of prices to fit any budget. + more- less

During your rides, you and your bike rack up many miles together. You pass a lot of fellow bikers, and you travel to many different places to meet up with friends and family. As you check out your riding jacket, it appears worn and you think it’s time for a new one. Before you head to the mall and prepare to stand in long lines, take a look at BikeBandit.com. We sell a wide-array of leather biker jackets that are designed to last for many years and are reasonably priced.If you’ve been riding a bike for awhile, you know that there is a big difference between a regular jacket and a motorcycle jacket. Our motorcycle jackets are constructed with added protection. If you are involved in an accident, the jacket is designed to shield you from bodily harm. Comfort is key while riding, so jackets made for cooler weather are well insulated and are designed to block wind. For the warmer months, we offer jackets featuring vents and material similar to mesh, which helps keep you comfortable.

Jackets and Vests for Every Budget

At BikeBandit.com, we sell mens motorcycle jackets and womens motorcycle jackets at prices that fit into every budget. You have the option of buying a jacket or stocking up on a couple of jackets and vests. If you’re having a hard time making a decision, just consult our blogs and reviews for some insight and feedback about our clothing. If you still need more information about a jacket or vest, you can reach us by phone during business hours. You also can contact us via Live Chat, or send us and email.

When you find that perfect jacket at BikeBandit.com, take a few minutes to browse our other clothing items. We also sell shirts, boots and other riding gear. With millions of motorcycle parts in stock, we are truly your one-stop shop for all of your riding needs. As a bonus to our customers, we offer free shipping when you place an order of $99 or more.

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