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Fly Motorcycle Chest Protectors

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Get Fly Motorcycle Chest Protectors at the best prices and get riding with Free Shipping on orders over $99. Find the features you need in a range of prices to fit any budget. + more- less

Riding cautiously never won anyone first place, but that doesn't mean riding stupid. As an avid racer, know that a high-quality motocross chest protector can make the difference between shrugging off a spill and taking a trip to the hospital. Your safety is the reason that BikeBandit.com sells a complete array of Fly motorcycle chest protectors at the best prices. You race hard, and you want your equipment to work as hard as you play. That means protecting your chest with the finest body armor available. That you look great in it is just an added bonus.

Your body has three major groups that need protection when you're on your bike: your head, your chest and your limbs. By keeping your chest safe, you're keeping your torso, ribs and internal organs safe, too. That's why Fly motorcycle armor features options like high-density memory foam, high impact integrated plastic plates, adjustable straps for customized fits and separate pockets for storing necessary items and tools. Fly chest protectors are CE-rated so you know they're going to keep you safe when the track gives you attitude.

Great Chest Protectors for Your Riding Crew

Whether you prefer blasting new trails on your ATV or leaving your friends in the dust on the track, BikeBandit.com has the best motorcycle protectors for men, women and youngsters. We know that riders come in all sizes, so we carry chest protectors in sizes ranging from Small to XX-Large. Plus, we have them in a range of colors from basic black to racing red, because while armor might be necessary, there's no reason it can't look great, too.

BikeBanit.com is the largest online motorcycle parts store, with several million different items in our catalog to upgrade your bike and improve your riding experience. We offer free shipping on all orders over $99, with a generous 60-day return policy, with no restocking fee. Check out our selection of premium aftermarket and OEM parts and order what you need today.

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About Our Best Fly Motorcycle Chest Protectors

Get an Extreme Ride With Protective Gear

Whether you ride on the road, track, course, or trail, you need ultimate physical protection to get the most extreme ride possible. Without the right gear, you simply cannot take your machine to the limit. When you are thinking about personal safety, you want to protect three major body groups: your head, your chest, and your limbs. BikeBandit.com has you covered. We have the internet’s largest selection of bike parts, accessories, and protective gear.

The Most Protection for Your Chest

You ride a bike because you demand a thrilling ride and ultimate performance. Regardless of the type of bike your ride, you know that road hazards and obstacles are everywhere. To get the most out of your ride, you must have the best body protection. Fly motorcycle chest protectors provide the exoskeleton you need to stay safe even during the most extreme rides.

Keeping your chest and torso safe during a crash is a priority. That makes sense. While your head contains your brain, your chest encases your spine and organs. Internal damage during a collision can be devastating. Therefore, as a serious motorcyclist, you never get on your bike without the right jacket and other protective gear. Adding chest protectors to your riding uniform is absolutely essential.

Go Beyond Your Jacket

A good jacket provides a layer of external protection. Without more, though, you might not be able to take your motorcycle to the next level. With Fly motorcycle chest protectors, you get the protection you demand for ultimate ride performance. These CE-rated protectors have a triple layer, high-density memory foam core designed to keep your chest safe during a crash. Since each layer moves independently of the others, you can expect the most protection possible.

Be Safe and Comfortable

You don’t have to sacrifice comfort to guarantee a safe ride. If you opt for a Fly chest protector, you can expect an adjustable, comfortable fit. The low-profile design of this armor allows you to wear it under a shirt or jersey. Similarly, the extra vents on these protectors keep you cool even during the most thrilling rides.

At BikeBandit.com, we don’t overcharge for top-quality products. With our Best Price Guarantee, you can shop with confidence, knowing that you are getting the parts and accessories you want at the best prices online. Save even more by taking advantage of free shipping on orders of $99 or more. Everybody wins when buying motorcycle parts, accessories, and other items from us.

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Choose Modern Protective Gear

Your motorcycle helps you clear you mind while exciting your senses. Riding also helps you bond with your kids. Before you hit the road, track, or trail, you must be certain everyone in your family has the right protective gear. A Fly chest protector can keep both you and your young riding companions free from injury.

As an avid motorcycle rider, you probably devote considerable time and energy to choosing the right motorcycle chest protectors. When you order from BikeBandit.com, you don’t have to look anywhere else. Our Fly Racing chest protector inventory includes everything you need to stay safe and comfortable behind the handlebars of your machine.

Invest in a Chest Protector

As you know, most motorcycle injuries are preventable. When you are speeding down the highway or flying around the track, you must protect the vital organs in your chest. You also must keep all young riders safe from harm. A Fly chest protector is an essential piece of motorcycle gear. Not only does a Fly barricade provide a rigid barrier between the body and road hazards, it features durable construction and strong textiles that last a long time. For an even better ride, opt for a chest protector with a hydration pack.

Don’t Sacrifice Style

Fly Racing has a reputation for making protective dear that looks great. Depending on your personal style, you can opt for black gear with colored piping. Or, choose a two-toned garment to stand out wherever you choose to ride. Either way, you don’t have to sacrifice style if you add Fly Racing gear to your closet.

Take Advantage of Our Price Guarantee

BikeBandit.com is proud to be your one-stop resource for motorcycle parts and accessories. Even though we have an extensive inventory of chest protectors and other gear, we never ask you to pay a fortune to stay safe and look great. On the contrary, pursuant to our Best Price Guarantee, we pledge to match any better deal you happen to find elsewhere. Finally, to be certain you are satisfied with your purchase, we allow you to return items within 60 days without paying a restocking fee.

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