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About Our Best Icon Elbow Guards

Icon Elbow Guards For Added Protection

Even pro cyclists take a spill now and again. Make sure a meeting with the pavement doesn’t end up with your having to take a break from your real love, which is riding. Whether you ride on the street or wilder terrain, you will need elbow guards that guarantee protection. It may be tempting to be complacent about the risks you face on an average city street, but potholes, wet streets and other hazards are no joke. Look for comfortable elbow protectors that fit with your biking jersey or jacket and can be fastened snugly on your elbow. A comfortable fit, light weight and reliable protection are invaluable for safe, thrilling times. Look for Icon elbow guards for motorcycles and off road bikes.

Elbow Guards That Don’t Cramp Your Style

You may already have a space in your jacket for elbow protectors. Depending on the kind of jacket you have, upgrading on this protection is a good idea. Look for elbow inserts that are CE rated and conform to most jacket designs. Don’t forget knee protection too and devices that keep your back safe even with a serious fall. When you want to go to the next level of gear protection, it’s a good idea to purchase Icon elbow guards for motorcycles and off road bikes together with items that will protect your back, knees, and hips.

BikeBandit.com Provides Iconic Products

BikeBandit.com has a range of Icon elbow protectors, such as the Icon T5 EVO Pro X elbow protector that offers greater impact protection than many of its peers. It is CE certified to level 2 and is made of advanced patented polymer which allows the gear to be thinner and easier to fit and wear than traditional guards. Don’t let its compact size fool you—this gear provides optimal protection even if you fall on your elbow. < /p>

For professional quality gear with a dizzying array of features, try Icon Stryker elbow armor on for size. People who wear these Icon elbow guards are not in denial about the possibility of crashing, but chances are, they aren’t too worried about it either. This elbow armor has a flexible, intelligent impact dispersion system with Type A protectors. They are made of vented biofoam with a wicking liner that keeps sweat off your skin. Strap this armor on for instant protection against intense impact.

If you are serious about your gear, BikeBandit.com is the place to go for Icon elbow guards for motorcycles and off road bikes. We provide the best selection of gear, accessories, and apparel for bikers who are dedicated to riding. Find the best gear at reasonable prices and you’ll be all set for a thrilling ride.

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