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Thor Motorcycle Riding Rain Suits

Thor Motorcycle Riding Rain Suits

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About Our Best Thor Motorcycle Riding Rain Suits

Protection From Wet Weather

Thor MX is a racewear company known for producing high-quality apparel for competitors and hobbyists alike. What you may not know is the name is an acronym for Torsten Hallman Original Racewear. Torsten Hallman is a former professional racer and four-time motocross world champion. While his racing accomplishments are impressive, he is also well known for introducing America to the sport of motocross. From Thor motorcycle riding rain suits to knee guards, riders know what company to turn to for powersports wear with performance capabilities.

Riders on the Storm

Stormy weather doesn’t mean your bike must stay in the garage. Having the right equipment, including a quality rain suit, can help keep you dry even in a heavy storm. Make sure that you take it slow and easy. Wet weather means less traction and less traction means less performance. Like going too long between tire changes, your bike has a poor grip on the road. Slow, smooth acceleration and cornering is the best way to keep you from wiping out. Rain also means less visibility, not only for you, but for all the car drivers around you. You’re always careful around vehicles that outweigh yours by hundreds of pounds, but be extra careful in the rain. Finally, you should look out for any slick surfaces: manhole covers, oil-slick parking lots and intersections, and sealer pavement can all provide nasty surprises for the unwary.

Right as a Rain Suit

Thor motorcycle riding rain suits give wearers the ability to ride in inclement weather without getting soaked to the skin. Thermal-welded seams keep water from seeping in anywhere, while strategically placed vents keep you cool as well as dry. The suit has built-in pockets for storage that don’t interfere with riding comfort. The elastic waistband and hood cinch keep the suit fitted to your body. An integral hood visor keeps the rain away from your eyes.

Showered With Service

At BikeBandit.com, we’re your motorcycle superstore in fair or foul weather. More than just rain suits, we have millions of great products for you and your ride. We have associates waiting to answer your questions whether you want to call, email, or just chat with us on our website. In rain or shine, snow or sleet, we have great shipping options to get you the parts you need. If you buy $99 dollars or more on BikeBandit.com, we offer to ship it to you for free. If you’ve got a storm coming, look at our two-day shipping to get your order before the rain hits.

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