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BikeBandit.com began in 1999 as an online store providing parts, accessories, gear and tires for the entire powersports industry. We have over 1 million products for every riding style and have decided to take our commitment to our customer's safety and care a step further. We have just partnered with EFG to provide Road Hazard Tire Protection. 

IMPORTANT: Road Hazard Tire Protection can only be purchased from BikeBandit.com at time of sale.


Road Hazard Tire Protection enables you to avoid the time and costs associated with tire damage caused by:

  • Nails, Glass, and Pieces of Metal
  • Rocks and Wooden Debris
  • Plastic or Other Hard Objects
  • Potholes or Large Objects in the Road

Your coverage begins the day you purchase it and includes:

  • 24 Month Coverage
  • Tire Repair or Replacement when damaged by a road hazard (including balancing, mounting and labor)
  • Coverage not prorated for wear
  • No deductible
  • No claims forms
  • Tire disposal fee (up to program limits)
  • You are also reimbursed for Roadside Assistance expenses up to $75 per occurrence including towing to the nearest repair facility.

This represents a summary of coverage. Please consult a copy of the contract for complete details. 


Easy Claims Process

If you have a road hazard event please call  EFG at 800-527-1984  prior to any service for instructions and authorization.

  • Monday – Friday: 7 am – 7 pm CT, Saturday 8 am – 2 pm CT

For help with cancellations please call BikeBandit at 888-339-3888 to speak with our helpful staff.



Where do I find out the specifics of my contract for Road Hazard Tire Protection?
  • Within My Account on the BikeBandit.com website you will find "Contract ID" which is linked to the PDF version of your contract.

What information do I need before calling EFG with my road hazard event?

  • You would just need your unique Contract ID assigned to your purchase

Where can I access my unique Contract ID?

  • Within the confirmation email sent after purchase you can find your Contract ID. It is also saved off in the "MY GARAGE" section of your account at BikeBandit.com

Are all States eligible for Road Hazard Tire Warranties?

  • We are on our way towards all states, but we are at the mercy of state level paperwork. Currently all states EXCEPT Alaska and Mississippi are active and eligible.




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