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100/100-18 Dirt Motorcycle Tires

Few things are more fun than climbing behind the handlebars of a high-performance dirt bike and tearing up the road, track or trail. Whether you use your dirt bike for competitive racing or exploring the back country, you need the right set of tires. After all, old, bald or damaged tires destroy your bikes capabilities. + more- less

A Selection of the Best Brands on the Market

As you probably know, 100/100-18 dirt motorcycle tires can be expensive. Even if you opt for cheap 100/100-18 dirt motorcycle tires, you dont want to worry about performance issues. While nothing is certain in life, you can increase your odds of achieving a dynamic ride by ordering tires from the best brands on the market today. We have you covered. Our inventory includes tires from manufacturers you already trust, such as:


The best 100/100-18 dirt motorcycle tires dont only fit your bike perfectly. Rather, they help you achieve your riding goals. Which tires are right for your dirt bike, likely depends on your riding style. If you prefer to reach top speeds on flat surfaces, you may not need deep treads. On the other hand, if you regularly encounter challenging obstacles, investing in meatier tires is likely a good idea.

Expertise You Can Trust

You dont have to be a tire expert to choose the best tires for your machine. Our selection tool helps you find tires that fit your bike perfectly. If you need additional information, we are here to help. Our parts experts know how dirt bike tires affect overall ride quality. We also know our inventory inside out. Rather than leaving your ride to chance, trust our expertise to help you make an informed purchase.

Here at, we work hard to be your parts dealer. Our daily deals and clearance specials save you money on your tire purchase. Even better, our Bandit Bucks rewards program allows you to save your hard-earned cash on future purchases. And, if you spend at least $99, we throw in shipping for free. Take a look at our virtual warehouse and order some new shoes for your dirt bike today.

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About Our Best 100/100-18 Dirt Motorcycle Tires

Your tires are the only parts of your bike that make contact with the ground, so they have a huge influence over the way your bike rides. To get the best and safest tires for your dirt bike, look through’s selection of 100/100-18 dirt motorcycle tires. These tires come from trusted brands like Bridgestone, Maxxis, Dunlop, and Pirelli, among others, and they’re great for a variety of riding conditions and terrain.
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