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130/80-18 Motorcycle Tires

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Motorcycle tires dont get enough credit, but the truth is that every time a rider gets in the saddle, he or she bets his or her life on the bike's tires. If the tires are in good repair and designed for the specific road conditions on which a biker traverses, the rider can count on good traction, stability and handling. However, if the tires are balding, cracked or forced to travel the "wrong" terrain, the rider risks losing control entirely. If the bike loses control in the wrong area, the damage is likely to be much worse than a bruised ego. Don't end up like the latter driver. Inspect your tires for wear every so often and, when it's time, swap out the worn wheels with brand new 130/80-18 motorcycle tires from BikeBandit.com.

How To Select the Best Motorcycle Tires

Most veteran riders understand the importance of not just quality tires, but of the right tires. However, novice riders usually learn the hard way. You can avoid such a lesson entirely by heeding the advice provided by long-time bikers. Some tips veteran bikers use when selecting the best 130/80-18 motorcycle tires for their particular needs include the following:

-Know whether your bike needs tube or tubeless tires.
-Select the right combination of tread and pattern (and know what the two terms mean).
-Select the right profile (should be more round than square).
-Know whether you need a soft, hard or medium compound.

The above advice isn't any help until you fully understand your riding style and needs. Ask yourself where you plan to ride your bike, how many miles you plan to put on it within any given year, what type of road and weather conditions you're apt to encounter and how skilled of a rider you really are. Be honest with yourself, as if you select the wrong tire, you will not be happy with your ride.

Find Cheap 130/80-18 Motorcycle Tires at BikeBandit

You don't have to spend a fortune on the right set of 130/80-18 motorcycle tires. At BikeBandit.com, we carry tires from top brands such as IRC Tire, Shinko, Dunlop and Duro for less. Find the right fit for your bike and riding style – shop our collection today.

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About Our Best 130/80-18 Motorcycle Tires

As you check your bike for regular maintenance and any must-replace components, keep an eye on your tires. Any worn treads mean that you need new tires immediately. If your bike takes 130/18-18, the best motorcycle tires online are in our BikeBandit.com inventory. We sell top-quality tires from trusted brands like Bridgestone, Dunlop, Michelin, and Metzeler, among others.



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