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130/90-15 Street Motorcycle Tires

130/90-15 Street Motorcycle Tires

You choose to ride a street bike for its responsiveness performance and thrilling ride. Of course, if you are riding on old, bald, damaged or ineffective tires, you cant expect your machine to deliver an exceptional performance. Simply put, to reach top speeds, you need reliable tires. Here at BikeBandit.com, we have a huge inventory of 130/90-15 street motorcycle tires. + more- less

The Brands You Want

Whether you are looking for expensive or cheap 130/90-15 street motorcycle tires, you know you cant leave the quality of your order to chance. Fortunately, when you order from us, you dont have to. Our virtual warehouse features top-grade tires from manufacturers you already know and trust. These include the following:

-Vee Rubber

As you likely know, shopping for the best 130/90-15 street motorcycle tires requires more than just picking a size that fits. On the contrary, you must think about your riding style and objectives. We have tires in a variety of tread patterns and ratings. Regardless of how you choose to ride, we have the tires you need for a dynamic experience.

The Expertise You Expect

Shopping for 130/90-15 street motorcycle tires can be a chore. You dont have to be a tire expert to get the right tires for your machine, however. Our selection tool helps you refine your search to only tires that fit your bike. Even better, our parts experts know everything there is to know about our inventory. If you have questions about anything we sell, dont be afraid to ask. Since we are avid motorcyclists ourselves, we love helping you get the most out of your street bike.

At BikeBandit.com, we continually think of ways to improve your shopping experience. As the worlds largest online retailer of motorcycle parts and accessories, we probably have exactly what you are looking for. We also put our buying power to work for you, lowering prices whenever we can. Additionally, our clearance specials and daily deals help you stretch your motorcycle dollar. Take a few minutes to look through our vast selection of street bike tires and order a new pair of shoes for your machine today.

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About Our Best 130/90-15 Street Motorcycle Tires

Choosing the right street motorcycle tires depends on many factors, such as the terrain you ride on, and the speeds you typically travel. Regardless of your riding preferences, and whether you’re a speed racer or casual rider, you’ll find the tires you need, like our 130/90-15 street motorcycle tires available at BikeBandit.com.

Street Speed With 130/90-15 Tires

The open air and undiluted speed of a motorcycle is intoxicating. The first time you ride down the street, your first corner, and your first time weaving through cars are unforgettable. No matter what kind of bike you like to ride, you need the parts to keep your machine running. If you’re losing grip with your old 130/90 x 15 tire, check out our inventory of quality replacements.

A Nimble and Strong Tire

The Metzeler ME 77 is an outstanding 130/90 r15 street tire. This general-purpose tire has exceptional handling characteristics on any bike. The attractive infinity pattern on the rubber adds to the visual appeal of your ride. The tread has also been designed to evacuate water and maintain grip in wet or dry conditions. For even better traction in the rain, pair the ME 77 with a Metzeler Lasertec front tire.

A Comfortable Riding Tire

Dunlop D404 130/90 r15 tubeless tires deliver both grip and durability through their tread compound. Honda, Yamaha, and Kawasaki trust the D404 to be OE on their motorcycles. The bias-ply construction ensures both a comfortable ride and stability under heavy loads. The middle groove on the tires is offset, allowing for better straight-line handling.

A Tire With Extra Support

The Pirelli MT 66 Route tire provides a lightweight ride for a low 130/90-15 tube price. The compound materials of the Pirelli make every ride smooth. Deep tread depth gives you good mileage on your tires and keeps you from slipping on wet roads. The tread also includes sturdy central blocks that support your bike, enhancing your balance.

A Site With Low Prices and High Rewards

When it comes to 130/90-15 tire price, BikeBandit.com guarantees the lowest one available. If you can find a better price online, we match it for you. Our rewards program pays you back for the money you spend on our website. You earn Bandit Bucks to spend on parts for your bike and apparel to wear.

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