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150/60-17 Street Motorcycle Tires


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150/60-17 Street Motorcycle Tires

Nothing beats the feeling of hitting the open road on your motorcycle, especially when you have the right parts and accessories supporting your ride. that's why BikeBandit.com sells all the parts and accessories you need to help your motorcycle take you where you need to go. + more- less

The Right Tires for Your Bike

At BikeBandit.com, we have it all. From helmets and riding gear to exhaust systems and brakes, we have what you need for your bike. That means when you're looking for the best 150/60-17 street motorcycle tires to keep your bike moving along, your first stop should be BikeBandit.com, where we offer a wide selection of tires for your bike. Whether you need a set of cheap 150/60-17 street motorcycle tires for short distance city rides or need something with some longevity, youll find it all at BikeBandit.com.

Great Quality Guaranteed

At BikeBandit.com, youll find high quality 150/60-17 street motorcycle tires at all price points. Our tires are made to last with features such as high-performance silica compounds and superior racing tread patterns to improve your road trip in all temperatures and promote uniform wear on your tires so you arent riding on them unevenly. Whether you're riding in slick, rainy conditions or are out on a dry, hot day, you can rely on our quality tires thanks to attention to detail and extra care to offer the right grip you need for all riding conditions.

Never get Lost

Adventures and uncertain plans are for the open road, not your garage. Which is why at BikeBandit.com, we make it easy for you to assemble and install your parts and accessories thanks to our helpful guides, FAQs and how-to videos. So you never have to worry about getting lost when it comes to your bike again.

At BikeBandit.com, youll find everything you need without having to sacrifice quality or put a large dent in your wallet. Whenever you spend $99 or more on your order, well ship your items to you fast and free. Combine that with our Best Price Guarantee and hassle-free return policy, and its easy to see why BikeBandit.com is so popular among motorcycle enthusiasts.

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About Our Best 150/60-17 Street Motorcycle Tires

You might know the size you need, but there are still decisions to make when it comes to your bike’s tires. Tires of the same size differ in style and construction, and they vary in price based on several factors. If it’s time for you to get a new set of 150/60-17 street motorcycle tires for your ride, shop BikeBandit.com’s vast selection of tires to compare many designs.

How to Choose Street Motorcycle Tires

Street riding is one of life’s greatest pleasures. You can feel young and ride with your friends. No matter why you choose to ride, it’s important to pick the right 150/60 r17 tires for your machine. The ones you choose affect the quality of your ride, so do your research.

Things to Know

Aside from knowing that you need a 150/60 x 17 motorcycle tyre, there are some things you should consider. The tire construction determines how the beast handles the surface. Radial tires are more solid and give more traction but are not as long-lasting. Bias-ply tires are the opposite, delivering a softer ride experience but less grip. If your bike wheels have spokes, choose tires with inner tubes. Otherwise, if your beast has cast wheels, go with tubeless tires.

Your 150/60 zr17 street motorcycle tire options include the 150/60 zr17 Michelin and the Dunlop 150/60 r17. On tires like these, you’ll find that they handle performance street or track riding, feature treads that have good cornering, and have great durability. They are made to grip well in dry and wet conditions and provide a smooth ride. Make sure to properly inflate your new tires and break them in slowly, with curves in the route to get the sides broken in. If you are not a daily rider, keep the weight off the tires by putting the bike on stands or occasionally roll it backwards and forwards for a few inches to avoid flat-spotting.

Shop Online

Save money by buying your 150/60 r17 tires at BikeBandit.com. Get free shipping on orders of more than $99 and rest assured that you are getting the best price possible. If you see the same tires on sale at a lower price from another authorized online dealer, contact us so we can match the price. We have an inventory of millions of products, including OEM and aftermarket parts, tools, chemicals, and riding gear to cover all your riding needs.

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