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Heidenau Motorcycle Tires

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About Our Best Heidenau Motorcycle Tires

Heidenau Tires for Dual-Sport Bikes

Your dual-sport bike get labeled as the “jack of all trades, master of none” as if it’s a terrible thing. While it doesn’t give you the same mastery of a terrain as specialized bikes, flexibility is your dual-sport’s strength. It gives you the ability hit the trails without a trailer, hit any juicy jumps you might see along your way, and still makes a great town bike.

Heidenau motorcycle tires are the perfect complement to dual-sports. Heidenau tires have been in production since 1952 and the company’s experience shows in their tires’ quality. German engineering has become an industry gold standard for a reason. Heidenau’s well-designed production plants allow them to fulfill the specific needs of different types of bikes.

Strength in Versatility

Dual-sport tires are just like the bikes themselves: all about compromise. If you compare a street bike tire with a dirtbike tire, you can see they’re incredibly different. Tires built for the street provide good grip but tend to have shallow, wider tread patterns to keep wear even and consistent. A dirtbike needs aggressive, deep patterns that can bite into soft sand. The space between the treads allows mud, gravel, and sand to be displaced without mucking up the tires.

Tires for Trail Riders and Road Bikers

Most tires for a dual-sport are going to incorporate features of both kinds of tires into their design. Get the tire that most closely fits what you intend to do with your bike. The Heidenau K76 is perfect for a pavement rider who hits the occasional dirt road. Wide tread blocks give plenty of speed and street durability. The added space over a street tire means that it can handle some dirt and gives you excellent grip in bad weather.

The Heidenau K60 Scout is as dual-sport as they come. While it may not be as street-friendly as the K76, the K60 Scout is a much better dirt tire. The deeper tread tears through softer sand and displaces all but the heaviest mud with ease. It’s still much better on the road than any dirtbike tire, with a solid center ridge to give better balance and a smoother ride.

Heidenau motorcycle tires is just the start of the products available from BikeBandit.com. We have millions of aftermarket and OEM items for whatever vehicle you ride. Our website allows you to search our entire inventory for the accessories that fit your ride. Contact our representatives if you have questions about anything we sell. You can also click over to our daily specials page to see what deals are available on the parts you’ve been eyeing.

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