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Michelin Power Super Sport Evo Motorcycle Tire

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(Rear) Tire Size

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(Rear) Specifications and Options

Brand Michelin
Front / Rear -
Tire Size -
Bias / Radial -
Rim Size -
Tube / Tubeless -
Compound -
Load Index -
Speed Rating -

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Specifications and Options

Brand Michelin
Front / Rear Rear
Tire Size 180/55-17, 180/60-17, 190/50-17
Bias / Radial Radial
Rim Size 17
Tube / Tubeless Tubeless
Compound Dual
Load Index 73
Speed Rating W

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5.0 / 5.0
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This Tire is insanely good. It Should be illegal to have this much Grip on a 50/50 Tire. This Tire is Truly the Evolution of the Power 3's. Don't Get me wrong there are substantial differences in how one feels to the next. Quite Simply against the Pilot Power 3's This Tire takes everything from that and Does it 2-5 Times better with the exception of Tread life and Price. Yet if you're buy these tires you should already be aware you are sacrificing Longevity for Grip.
Speaking of Grip These Babies Warm up MUCH faster than the Power 3's to ambient Tempts for Cold grip. Two minutes That's it at 50 F outside and the Super-sport Evo felt already like it had TONS more grip than the Pilot Power 3. However that's where it stops.... Once these tires get up to initial temps you REALLY have to push hard to get them hotter/sticker. This is where the Pilot Power 3 shines, you don't have to work AS hard to put more heat into them beyond initial warm up to get them to normal operating Temps at a slightly spirited pace.

Give Credit where it is Due Michelin FINALLY fix the Profile issue of the Power 3's front tire! This Profile is Sharper/ more Triangulated which gets rid of the Vague feeling on initial turn in. Which brings me to the next Portion. These tires WANT to just Fall into the shoulder.... Treat them with the Respect they deserve. Make sure you are accelerating even a little more then normal to hold your line or be ready to stand them back up.
I will admit it doesn't have the Amazing feel that a Bridgestone Front Tire does under braking due to a Softer carcass but what Supersport Evo lack slightly in feel against the softer construction it makes up drastically in corner entry at higher speeds. On the Brakes the Front tire does have decent feel but you can't tell the limits of the Grip.... That or I haven't come close to it yet. But I'm splitting hairs at this point.
Out Right Grip: These tire feel like they run colder in terms of their limits against the PP3. So it's very safe to say there's A LOT of room to grow. The amount of Confidence this inspires is nearly beyond belief. With this tire I know I can Grab a Fist Full of Throttle on my ZX6R 636 and this tire will take it. I Tried to get the traction control to kick in and on a 80-100 mile run through twisties I only got the Traction Control trip twice and the interference was BARELY any at all. I had to really work hard to get these tire to break free and they where extremely stubborn to get loose. (i don't recommend this) Snapping the throttle was the only time/way I got these tire to slip even a little. So for aggressive roll on's or anything less these tires where STUCK LIKE SUPER GLUE!

The ACT design was very evident. When the tire was upright the carcass flexed very generously which provided a nice ride even with a very firm setup. As the tire laid on it shoulder and as long as you increased the throttle constantly as you leaned farther is where you will actually feel the soft top carcass progressively become stiffer an stiffer all the way to the edges and at the Same Time SQUAT like CRAZY. Just like the Pilot Power 3 the contact patch grows noticeably and The same is True for these Supersport Evo's except as I mention earlier you have to work a little more for it. So if you give it more throttle than the PP3 you will feel the Contact patch Grow wider than it's little brother rewarding you for every extra input of Throttle that you just couldn't do or get more results out the Power 3's.

The Q3's are known to be the best Bang for the Buck. They have a more tachy feeling in comparison but by no means feel like they offer the same level of grip at lower temps and a more relaxed riding pace, Which definitely pushes me to say These tires are a bit more Street friendly of the 50/50 tires. Thought the Supersport evo don't feel as Tachy as the Q3's, you still get that outright sensation that the tire is firmly stuck to the road. The Q3's front tire also feel big which i personally dislike to a very strong degree. Where the Q3's contact patch is consistent from the Top to the Edge no matter how much throttle you apply these are just the opposite. It grows ever so generously the more you apply to the edge and limits of grip.

Bottom line these Tires are expensive against the other 50/50 tires. But honestly give them a Chance because unless my money is just a little tight.... I plan on returning to these tires as much as my pocket can afford. If these tires as a set where another $40-$60 cheaper; hands down These would be my Dedicated.... Full time street tire despite the noticeable reduction in longevity against the 12,000 miles I got out of the Power 3. I haven't finished a set yet but from Prior experience and my riding style I foresee getting 6-7,000 out of these tires. To be honest my Battlax S20 evo lasted nearly 8,000 Miles with much less grip. So this level of Grip and so Far with roughly the same rate of wear is Amazing!
The Competition Needs to look out because Michelin truly seems like they are looking to see if the others are taking the challenge seriously in the 50/50 category!
March 23, 2016
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