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Sand Tires & Paddle Tires for Dirt Bikes and Motocross


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Sand Tires & Paddle Tires for Dirt Bikes and Motocross

Dirt biking packs a thrill that few sports can match, especially with the ridiculous jumps off steep sand dunes. When it comes to riding on sand, all-terrain tires that don't give you the same experience as the specialized rubber from Michelin, IRC, Dunlop, Bridgestone, Shinko, CST, AMS, and Pirelli. + more- less
Being able to soar over cross-country terrain is an experience that keeps riders coming back every weekend. If the dunes are your off-road spot of choice, take the time to look at dedicated sand tires paddle tires for dirt bikes and motocross.

The Sedona Dunatik 8-Paddle motorcycle tire shows exactly why so many dirt bikers choose paddle tires for sand. Soft, loose sand is more apt to go flying than it is to provide a surface for tires to run across. As a result, even quality tires are more likely to dig you into deep sand than let you fly over it. The paddle tires pushes you through the sand much like circular paddle on old, steam-powered river boats. The clever design and quality construction is part of what make these some of the best sand tires paddle tires for dirt bikes and motocross.

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About Our Best Sand Dirt Motorcycle Tires

Shop for dirt bike sand tires and sand paddle tires to ride through the toughest dunes and sand terrain. Get the best sand tires or paddle sand tires for your dirt bike at BikeBandit.com.

We offer a huge selection of motorcycle sand tires so you can find the perfect set for your bike. All in stock and ready to ship so you can get back to riding faster. Get free shipping on orders over $99.

Dirt motorcycle tires are the only contact your dirt bike has with the ground while riding, and they have a big influence on how your machine operates. Choosing the right tires for dirt and sand, dirt motorcycle tires from top brands like Bridgestone, Dunlop, Maxxis, Metzeler, and Pirelli, are crucial for an enjoyable and safe ride.

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